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Owning Sanity In An Insane World

We are all living in troublesome times, times which have the potential to plant overwhelming seeds of fear withing each of us. Human beings are highly adaptable creatures, and true to form, we have become desensitized, adapting to the times we live in with the flair and panache of a celebrity impersonator. In an effort to continue our day to day quest for continuity, routine, and success we have managed to completely blind ourselves to the reality of the chaos and pain that is around us. We would rather stay safe in the shell of our safe, ideal little worlds.

It seems virtually impossible to find that sensitive balance when it comes to accepting the reality of pain and problems in life while caring for oneself by maintaining a personal inner happiness and serenity. How do the two come together for anyone in a way that allows us to live lives that are mentally and emotionally free? The purpose of this website is to guide individuals who desire holistic life balance into a realm of self-sufficient serenity and success. By developing the virtues of grace, temperance, and endurance you will come to a place which permits you to face life on life’s terms and win.

Everything from politics to religious based wars, clusters of storms to terrorist attacks have been in our faces for the last several years. Financial calamity has touched everyone’s lives in one manner or another, and one natural disaster after another have made thousands homeless. There is madness all around, and there is no escape. Many turn to suicide as a last ditch effort to escape the madness which is not only around them, but inside them as well.

Very recently the world has been shocked by the suicide of award winning actor and comedian Robin Williams, a man who was not only energetic, talented, and motivated, but was plagued with the inner demons of depression and lack of hope around him. While celebrity suicide sits in a much brighter limelight, we are aware of the reality of those who commit this heartbreaking act, and the world knows nothing of them. The numbers are countless.

Many of us, you included, may be carrying the burden of despair which is handed to us by the state of our society, nation, and planet, not to mention the seemingly dead state of the human spirit. If you are experiencing the overwhelming emotions referred to above, the following suggestions are designed to help you focus your attention on rather than embracing fear and indecision. By practicing the following suggestions, you will make it through each day with more serenity, less anxiety, and a much better sense of well being.

1. Get alone and clear your mind. This means shutting things out. When you are in a pit of despair surrounded by nothing but negative reports, it is time for you to regroup and get your thoughts focused on the positive as it applies to the here and now.

2. Get outside! There is nothing like sunlight to burn off depression like a thick morning fog. Allow yourself to experience all the feelings that accompany time alone with the earth. It is cleansing mentally, emotionally, and most of all, spiritually.

3. Give your daily routine a make-over! Burn-out is easy to come by when you are doing the same things day in and day out. Before you know it, valuable time has passed, and this can induce very negative thoughts and emotions. Sit down and take a good look at your schedule. Weed out the garbage that is choking the quality “plants”. Use the extra time to spend as a family, to get long-overdue chores out of the way, or to simply be with you. This can help you to gain perspective on your life, and you will look forward to living again.

4. Possessing spiritual and mental peace must be practiced at all times. It is highly recommended that you begin your day with a 30 minute or more meditation, consisting of positive, edifying readings or studies; prayer and deep thought are typically included. By starting the day this way, you will find it easier to begin using stressful situations to practice maintaining the inner peace that is so needed for your happiness and personal contentment in this day and age.

5. Your an eagle, and you should soar! The turkeys simply have to go. Now, this is not to say the turkeys are bad by any means. What it boils down to is the “birds of a feather” cliche. It is fact that you will acquire and act out the attitude of those you spend time with. To overcome in this time, you must surround yourself with those who possess and live by the mindset you are pursuing.

Ideas are filled with creative power, and they possess life changing abilities. The recent suicide of Michael Ruppert is another prime example of not only that, but of the hopelessness that accompanies all of it when ideas are not correctly handled. The world suffers in its entirety.

If you would like to add any ideas or comments to what has been discussed, please know I value your thoughts and opinions. Leave any correspondence in the “Comments” section below.

Source: The Mind Unleashed

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