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An Organization Plans to Beam Free Wi-Fi to Every Person on Earth from Space

Having a free WIFI everywhere is a desire of everyone in the world. This ambition seems to be far from being a reality. However, an organization named Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) has decided to change the way the internet is working by giving free access to everyone in the world.

The project is called OUTERNET and its founders say that they can provide internet connectivity to all countries in the world where it is restricted. This project includes China and North Korea.

The company will be using datacasting technology that means sending data over radio waves.

The organization is willing to raise millions of dollars donations to deliver internet freely to all people in the world.

OUTERNET believes that 60% of the world’s population has the privilege to have access to knowledge through the internet.

The reason why the rest of people do not have access to internet is because their countries are unable to provide WIFI or do not want their citizens to connect to the web.

Stakeholders of the project are planning to dispatch cubesats; that are small low-cost miniature satellites; into low earth orbit.

These satellites receive internet from data ground stations around the whole planet.

OUTERNET will send data to users by using a technique called User Datagram Protocol (UDP) multitasking. It woks the way TV signals do. OUTERNET will send data then users can flip between many available websites.

‘We have a very solid understanding of the costs involved, as well as experience working on numerous spacecraft,’ said Project Lead of Outernet Syed Karim, who fielded some questions on Reddit.

“’There isn’t a lot of raw research that is being done here; much of what is being described has already been proven by other small satellite programs and experiments.”

“There’s really nothing that is technically impossible to this”

“But at the prospect of telecoms operators trying to shut the project down before it gets off the ground, Karim said: ‘We will fight… and win.”

If all the steps followed by OUTERNET were successful, its executives will ask NASA to give them the green light to test it on the International Space Station.

The terminal target of Outernet is to dispatched satellites into Earth orbit in June 2015.

By A. El Hani
Source: the Daily Mail


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