Officer Tracks Down Struggling Single Mom at Work, Gives Her Unthinkable Gift After Pulling Her Over

Kindness seems to be in abundance around the holidays. I think that’s why we love this time of year so much.

People are more gracious and compassionate. They’re moved to look past the exterior, to treat others the way they would wish to be treated.

It’s not even December yet and already random acts of kindness are being praised across social media. One woman from central Indiana shared her story via a post on Facebook.

“Something pretty awesome happened to me lately and I want to tell you all,” Megan Nierman wrote. “It’s a long story, but you’ll be glad you read until the end, I promise.”

Nierman went into detail about being pulled over for speeding. She admitted she’d been breaking the law and when the officer approached her car, she told him her plates were expired.

“I also explained my situation … and asked him to please take it easy on me,” she said. Nierman is a single working mom with a 2-year-old daughter, trying to make end’s meet with no child support.

What the kind officer did next will warm your heart. Though Sgt. Evan Love still gave her a ticket, he also gave her a condition.

“He went to his car and came back with a ticket and an explanation … if I could take care of the plates within a week, I could email him and he would destroy the ticket,” the single mom shared.

Thankfully, Nierman was able to get her plates renewed with the help of her boyfriend. When she let Sgt. Love know, he sent her a kind email and encouraged her to “stay positive.”

The story could end here, but this officer with the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department took it a step further. He knew Nierman worked for Ulta Beauty because she had told him so during their encounter.

When he showed up to her workplace with his family, Nierman almost didn’t recognize him at first. When he handed her a Christmas card, the woman was in tears.

“I teared up, hugged them and thanked them all,” she said. Later on, after finishing up with a client, Nierman went to her car to open the card privately.

What she found made her day. “It had a Target gift card in it for $300 … it showed me that kindness can come from anywhere at anytime (sic) from the most unlikely place.”

“I got ahold of my parents and my sisters and we all chipped in to do this for her,” Love told Fox 59. “Not a huge big deal, but I just wanted something to help her out and make the holidays a little bit easier on her.”

“The little things that you can do for people mean the most,” the officer continued. “So just throughout your day, if you can be kind to somebody, help somebody out, encourage people to do that.”

Wise words from a kind man. He has set an excellent example for us all. As you head into the holiday season, and every other season of the year, remember that a little kindness goes a long way to make someone’s day.