Your Next Cooking Oil Could Come From Hemp

Hemp that is grown agriculturally is of a very strong nature and is also resistant to decay. It is also versatile when used to cook with and can be used in the form of cooking oil. Hemp oil can turn rancid quickly, and for this reason is not a popular cooking oil. Research is now being carried out to produce an oil that has more of a fatty content, similar to olive oil. This new oil will last up to seven times as long as a plant that has not been modified, as it will contain a high level of oleic acid.

Genetic techniques were used to create this new strain. This was done by disabling two of the genes within the hemp plant so that it produced more fats such as Oleic acid, which are mono-unsaturated. This production of healthier fat in the form of an omega -9 acid means that it is able to have a longer shelf life, whilst being healthier to individuals who consume it.

This development could make the plant into what is known as a ‘break crop’, which is a crop that is grown in between others such as wheat and corn. The plant is also good for the development of materials such as animal bedding, and is due to be developed on a larger scale in the future.

Hemp is still being controlled as a banned material in locations such as the US by the federal law. Only some projects in the country are allowed to go ahead with the growing of Hemp. However, hemp is legal in other areas, such as Canada and Europe.

Leo Davies
Source: popsci

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