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Negative People To Avoid

Negativity breeds negativity. A mind cluttered with negative thoughts struggles to find true happiness. Someone who is constantly negative can be a big drain – emotionally – on people around them. Learning to put these people on ignore is the best way to opt yourself out of their negativity.

For the best results, put these types of people on your ignore list:

  • 1. People you just can’t please – even though you have tried countless times.

No matter what you do, you will never please these people. Stop trying to win their approval; don’t allow hatred for them to dwell in your mind; just walk away from these people, and don’t look back. Karma has a way of dealing with these people. Why waste your life letting thoughts of them consume and hurt you?

  • 2. Manipulators.

Some people say and do whatever they need to do in order to get you to follow their wishes. Oftentimes these people want you to do something for them, but are never around when you need them to help you. If someone is trying to manipulate you through bullying, put a stop to it and tell them they have a problem. It is better for you to just walk away from manipulators.

  • 3. People who refuse to forgive your mistakes.

Mistakes are a normal part of every human life. We learn by repeating a process until we don’t make the same mistake.

If someone has trouble moving beyond mistakes you have made, it then becomes their problem, and not yours. Let them waste precious time and energy judging you harshly. If you have people in your life that hold things over your head, and refuse to forgive your wrongs, then maybe it is time to drop them from your friend list.

  • 4. The very big, very hostile, drama queen.

We all know someone who loves nothing better than to create drama by stirring up trouble for no reason at all. The best way to handle these people is to simply walk away from them, this way their drama won’t affect you. If you must say something, speak with a calm, loving voice – hopefully your compassion will reach willing ears.

  • 5. People who laugh at your dreams.

Don’t allow other people to put out the fire that burns in your soul. When you let others put down your dreams you allow their negativity to affect you. Follow your own dreams and know that what other people think does not indicate exactly what you are capable of doing in your own life. Life is your own special journey, fill it with achievements every day.

  • 6. People who want to change you.

Family and friends tend to know us for a long time. Sometimes they forget that we have grown up and are no longer the people we once were. Yet, for some reason, they want us to be as they’ve always known us. The healthiest relationships are those that allow you to be who you are, without changing you into their ideal. These relationships also allow one to outgrow who they once were, and become something better.

Only you know the truth of who you are. Follow your own path and you will find real happiness, love and success. Other people should be allowed to think the way they want. This does not mean you have to listen to, or follow, their opinions or ideas. If people cannot love you for who you are, then it is best to drop these people from your friend list, too.

  • 7. The inner critic.

Yes, you have one – the inner critic lives inside of you and is you.

You are your biggest critic and most often you harp on all the things you’ve done wrong. Why would you want to do this to yourself? Allow yourself to see your flaws as a unique part of who you are. You do not need to live up to the expectations of anyone but yourself. When you finally understand that you are not meant to be a clone of another, you will find that you are perfect just the way you are. Therefore, there is nothing for your inner critic to rant about.

As you drift off to sleep each night, remind yourself that you have a lot to be thankful for. When you wake up, think of at least three things that currently make your life much happier and better. When you let your inner critic see the good parts of you, you can give yourself the highest ratings of all.

Just remember, you have the power to walk away from people who aim to bring you down with their negativity. Don’t give them the power to do so, you don’t need these people, or their negative thoughts, to cloud your mind and bring you down to their sad level. You hold the power to be stronger than their negativity.

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