When Negative Emotions Can Become Positive

It is common for everyone to feel negative emotions from time to time. Our natural reaction to dealing with these emotions is to try and push them aside until we are feeling more positive about things. However, studies have shown that ignoring these emotions may not always be the best option, and that by embracing them we are actually able to use them to our advantage. There are six emotions in particular that this strategy works well for.

1. Anger

When you are feeling angry or just generally in a bad mood, it can feel like working on a project that has previously been challenging is the last thing that you want to do. However, channeling this anger into your work can actually make you much more productive, and you may also find that the sense of achievement you will feel after getting to grips with a difficult task actually leads to your mood improving.

2. truggling With Adversity

When you have had to work hard to overcome a difficulty in order to get where you are today, it can make you more appreciative of the position that you are now in. This is particularly true if you have overcome something such as a difficult illness that may have made you feel as you would never be where you are today.

3. Shame

Shame can be one of the loneliest negative emotions that people experience, as they avoid contact with other people to try and hide the thing that they are ashamed of. However, by overcoming this and opening up to other people you may realise that you do not have to be shameful. Your own experiences can also make you more compassionate to others that are experiencing shame, as you will remember how lonely it feels.

4. Pessimism

If you are the kind of person that tends to think about things that could go wrong in a situation that you are facing then this may lead to feelings of anxiety. It is this anxiety which can then be channeled into trying to avoid the worst case scenario. This can help turn this pessimism into action that actually makes you more productive.

5. Envy

If you feel envious of another person and what they have, it may help to try and identify what it is you are actually envious of. If this is something that is achievable for you, then use this emotion to push yourself to achieve it. It is always worth remembering that just because life looks better for another person, it doesn’t mean that they feel the same way.

6. Loss

When you have experienced a real loss, such as the death of a family member, then it can make you grateful and more appreciative of the little things in life that you may have otherwise have taken for granted. Even though you may still feel a sense of loss, you can learn to be grateful for the things and people that you do still have in your life.

When you are experiencing a negative emotion, then feeling bad or guilty about the way you are feeling can make the whole situation seem worse. When you are able to turn a negative into a positive, then your whole outlook can change for the better.

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