Why Be Negative When You Can Be Positive?

One thing that life has taught me is that nobody should ever shape our lives in totally negative ways, or having us thinking entirely negative thoughts. It was my grandmother that taught me to think that way, that bullies could only hurt you if you let them into your head.

Now stopping negative thoughts entering your mind is not the most simple thing to do all of the time. Get away from the doom and gloom merchants as well as the bullies. Do not let the gloom in, and always look for the positives in your live.

The starting point for dispelling negativity is to learn to like yourself before anyone or anything else in your life. People that have not learned to like themselves will always find it harder to view their lives in a more positive light.

I do not care whatever other people say about me, because they are more than likely saying negative things about everybody else they know as well. I get on with my live regardless of negative comments because my life is more important than any of their lies.

Be completely free to be an individual, I know that I am free, and you should also know that you are free to be you too. I do what I want whenever I can so that I can feel free to be me, this line of thinking keeps me happy.

Forget about the impossible aim of a perfect day, instead enjoy any joy or spiritual feeling you can get out of each and every imperfect day. Spend time enjoying what is there, there is no point waiting around for something you may never find.

Sometimes we spend so much effort getting new things in our lives that we fail to understand the good things that we already have. I find pleasure sometimes in something simple instead of something complex, or that I need to wait for.

When anything happens put it down to experience, some lessons are good and some are bad yet all are learnt. Life is about learning new things, I try and learn new things everyday so that I can develop as a person. Failures and disappointments often teach more to me than everything else that I did right at the first time of asking.

Instead of resisting change I should watch it happen then make any adjustments which I have to. Often I cannot tell about the true impact of a change until after it has already been put in place. Change can seem scary yet it can lead to live getting better just as easily as it could make it worse.

I am not one for wishing that I had never done something, none of us can take anything back but we can move on. With hindsight we could act differently yet the wrong decision often brings the right outcome. Never stop making decisions, some will be right and others may be wrong yet if you stop making them then you will stop living.

Sometimes if I feel that I am losing track of who I am the best thing is to think about the most important things. I strip away all that I do not need and get down to me as a person and rebuild from there.

i no longer waste my time thinking what others think of me, as they are probably wondering what myself or others are worrying about them.

Move any way from anything and anyone that is constantly negative within your live, surround yourself with the positives instead.

Source: The Mind Unlashed

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