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This nap bar in Dubai lets busy people to take naps on breaks..

People who work all day certainly have one of those busy days at work from time to time… During their lunch breaks, they only think about curling up and taking a little nap so they can regain their energy to start again their work.. Well, if you’re currently working in Dubai then you must be a very lucky person as they have recently installed a temporary Nap Bar. YES..The name explains it all: a bar when you can actually sleep.

Smarin, a France-based furniture studio is the idea owner.. They are famous for their cool nap areas and the idea of Nap Bar is totally dream idea. The project is equipped with everything you’d think to find in a place designed only for sleeping.Soft dune-shaped lounge-chairs, special nap pillows, access to herbal tea and essential oils and even the sound of lullabies to ease you into slumber. It’s the perfect place to unwind during an otherwise hectic day. But if you want to experience it for yourself then you better hurry, because the installation ends on March 31st. You snooze, you lose.

More info: Smarin (h/t: Inhabitat)