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Some Myths About Spirituality That Can Help To Keep The Passion Alive Inside!

All of us are on earth with one defining passion to have and share:

This is indeed a myth to be cherished. There are some people on earth who do live with one defining passion that does transcend his or her life. However, do imagine,if a person is like this lady Marie. Who was passionate about everything from a sewing perspective. This lady sewed everything from new cushion covers for home and office. Another thing was to make hats to give as gifts for Christmas. Sewing was everything to her and she told her friends “Finally, I have found my life’s purpose!” However, just two months later, she would go on to experience an epiphany while out on her usual morning hike. She learned that she was meant to teach yoga and then enlisted in yoga teacher training.

She went along with her guidance faithfully and took up yoga teacher training. She even shared yogic teachings for many years. Until one day, while she was in deep meditation, something told her to share her gift of medium-ship with everyone.

As one can surely tell from this story, life indeed, is surely a ride of varying twists and turns that are delicious in their own way. It is funny just how some people can find one defining passion for their lives while others find passion through numerous modalities. Believing that there is only one defining passion in life can throw people off. It can give them anxiety. This anxiety is a fear of getting it wrong. Thinking that there is only one right passion in life is what causes this anxiety.

It’s next to impossible to get a passion wrong!

What a person is in love with, and that which does, flow very easily to them is indeed a guided and divine kind of passion. If a person does practice staying in the present. He or she will come to know if their passion does change.

If it is truly one’s path, it will be easy

This first came from a spiritual teacher. It brings about a hint of inner knowing that is very true. It is also a very pervasive form of myth in many a spiritual circle.

In many spiritual circles, it is often said, if an individual is happy doing his or her soul-guided work. It will be something that will come easily to him or her.

The truth is this. Sometimes, the form, in which soul-guided work is shared can look different from the image that was envisioned originally.

Sometimes, the manner, in which gifts are shared with others. Aren’t always the form that they were imagine to be from the get go.

Spiritual people don’t swear at all, drink, or even eat meat…..

It is definitely a good concept to release any judgment about what is deemed righteous or spiritual

The word “spiritual” means what it means. This meaning is trying to relay a feeling of connection. All humans are born with this gift. In order to find the truth about one’s self. He or she does need to connect to the truth that does lie on the inside. Just because a person drinks a glass of wine with a steak meal or they cuss due to being rear-ended. This doesn’t mean that they have lost connection to their spirit.


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