Money And Power: Who Controlls It All

More now than ever people are questioning the environment surrounding them. We are not able to take an objective look at our planet Earth and think outside of conventional theories. Using observation and data with an open mind allows us to think about new ways in which our planet works and how we operate on it. There are many industries including the media, politicians, food services, education, health care, energy providers, and financial institutions that are under press as people begin to ask more questions. Can these industries really be separated and operate different if they are being controlled by the same people? Is it possible to separate the medial, food, and pharmaceutical industries when they are funded by the same people that fund the major corporations? Can we ignore the research by industry insides that have found the truth? If the cure for cancer is being hidden as well as new technology that will produce clean energy who are the ones hiding this information and why are they doing so?

With all the events and supporting evidence being found on Earth how can we not see through this lies and find the truth? When people are kept in the dark for a long period of time it is difficult to have the courage to stand up and go into the light. If industries are being questioned about their information and practices who are we questioning? Is it safe to be asking these questions? Finding out that an elite group of people control corporations and out major industries can be troubling to learn. Everything on Earth is an experience. Good or bad everything that happens in something that we can learn from. In order to change the way things are we must come to love, cooperate, and understand each other. We must find a place of peace. Blaming others does not solve anything. The key to changing the world is to change yourself first. You must act on the change you want to see. Creating awareness to how our world operates is needed but is also needs to be done from a natural party without placing the blame on anyone. Who is providing the funding? Who has all the money that is needed? Who controls the money in these industries that run our planet? Who controls the resources that these companies need to operate? These are the questions that we have to find answers to in order to make the needed changes.

Controlling the world’s industries is done through controlling the flow of money. We need to answers these questions in order to begin to make changes. A clip from the recent documentary called “Thrive” explains where this money is coming from, who is in control of it, why the money is not being put to make these needed changes , and why these people will not reason with each other.

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