Mom is sad about returning to work after having baby – moved to tears by touching note from nanny

Times are hard, and many families struggle to survive off of multiple incomes. Gone are the days when only one parent left for work.

Now dads and moms alike hold down full-time jobs, sometimes on different schedules. They work hard to work and make time for their families, too.

For moms, in particular, sending a child off to school or leaving them behind in someone else’s care can be heartbreaking.

But we do what we have to do, hoping those who are with our children all day will be loving, kind, compassionate and patient.

If only we could all have someone to watch our children like the person 38-year-old Charlie Kirkaldy found for her son Sam.

The mom from Wokingham, England was having a bit of apprehension about starting her new job in London, over an hour’s train ride away from her home, according to the Huffington Post.

“It’s always so hard leaving your child when you go back to work but for many it’s a necessity,” she shared.

She went on to explain the guilt and sadness she felt over leaving her son with someone they hadn’t known for very long.

Thankfully, the new nanny (childminder) knew just how to ease this worried mom’s fears. Kirkaldy snapped a photo of the sweet note and gift she received the first morning she said goodbye.

She shared the picture on Instagram of the sweet and thoughtful poem the new sitter wrote along with some gifts to make the day a bit easier.

“It’s Sam’s first full day with the childminder and as I held back the tears,” Kirkaldy wrote. “She slipped this into my hand. What a legend.”

“For you today will feel so long,” the note begins, “so here’s a little something to keep you strong… Tissues to wipe away your tears, invisible reassurance to ease your fears…”

“Coffee to drink and take a while, to paint back on a make-believe smile. Chocolate to make it a bit more okay, and to help you get to the end of the day.”

This caregiver knew just what to say, but in the end I think it’s her sign off that makes all the difference — “Sam will be fine — happy and loved — I promise xx.”

The days away from her sweet son will still undoubtedly be long, but her fears are eased knowing Sam is with someone who is so caring and kind.

“Her kindness and understanding of how hard it can be for parents brought tears to my eyes and has made my first full day apart from him a little less painful,” she told the Post.

Are you a working mom? Would a note like this from the nanny or babysitter make it easier to leave your child behind?