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Meet Alice, An Adopted Cat With The World’s Most Beautiful Marble Fur

Many factors are considered when one decides to adopt a pet, but the outcome of the pet’s behavior is not certain to anyone.

Alice is a Persian mix who is considered by online followers to be the cat with the most appealing fur worldwide. Her white and grey coat is nothing but beautiful.


The current owners adopted her after the previous owners left her for unknown reasons. Currently, an Instagram account of hers’ has more than 15,000 followers and you can easily see why the number will even increase with time.


Her unique fur and looks makes the followers to crave for more.


Because of her amazing coat, she has that noble look of a cat.


Not to say that she adores playing like any other cat.


But she is what photographers’ dream of. All her photos taken by the owner appear to be like portraits.


Definitely, the owner was more than happy to have adopted her.


Confessing, Yara said that Alice possesses a great attitude of deciding what to do; meaning that she is the not that cat who can be embraceable all the time.


She has a habit of liking the bowties and appealing collars, but her fur hides all the ornaments she wears.



She is very selective of what to eat and not


One of her hobbies is rolling on and posing for the camera!


She has had a chance of travelling to lots of countries.


Alice has resided in Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Germany, and in the USA. That’s more countries than a lot of humans will ever live in!


Wherever Yara travels on plane, Alice accompanies her. Actually, she has a passport of her own!


The world is impressed by her, and it always will be.

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