Medicinal Benefits Of 3 Illegal Drugs

The war on drugs makes a lot of people suffer unneedlessly. Everyone from families to the alternative medicine groups are struck down by the absurd laws of the land.

Many people are now aware of the medicinal benefits of cannabis, but more need to be aware that there are three illegal “psychedelic drugs” that offer some amazing medical benefits, and should be legalized for these reasons. These three drugs are:

  • 1. Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a medicinal tea that is made from a jungle vine called Banisteriopsis Caapi. This tea is often brewed with other plants, mainly the Chacruna/Rainha or the Psychotria Viridis. In the 1950s a Harvard ethnobotanist named Richard Evans Schultes had a chance to study some of the native population of the Amazon Jungle. He found that Ayahuasca tea had calming and healing properties when these people drank it. In fact, most natives swear it cures just about every illness they get.

Five years ago a professor at John Hopkins University named Roland Griffiths published a study about the effects of drinking Ayahuasca tea, and how it made people feel. This professor of psychiatry and neuroscience was literally blown away by his findings. Not only did a great majority of participants report remarkable changes in their behavior and attitude, but their friends, family, and co-workers noticed it as well. This tea may also help treat certain addictions, anxieties and depression.

If you want an authentic Ayahuasca tea experience then you should head to South American. Otherwise, you can find it online. Make sure that there are no laws prohibiting the import of these leaves to your part of the world, and make sure you understand all the risks before trying this brew for yourself.

  • 2. Magic Mushrooms

For years people have talked about the therapeutic value of magic mushrooms. Psilocybin, the scientific name for magic mushrooms, has recently been studied by a group of scientists at the University of South Florida. Their findings show that magic mushrooms have the ability to grow new brain cells. This is promising for patients with mental illnesses, and may help many people improve their cognition. This study says that psilocybin binds to special receptors in our brains, stimulating healing and growth. Using mice, they also realized that psilocybin helps to repair brain cells, as well as curing or relieving PTSD, and treating depression.

Another study done by the Psychiatric University Hospital of Zurich found that magic mushrooms improved the moods of most participants – for long periods of time. The study used MRI images to show that psilocybin helps our brains process negative stimuli in a more efficient manner. This, naturally, leads to a much more improved level of thinking and feeling. Which may offer true promise as a treatment for depression and anxiety.

  • 3. MDMA

Most people know this drug by its street name, Molly, which is a nickname for Ecstasy. MDMA is the active ingredient in this common party drug. Recent research has found that this drug has a remarkable impact on people who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

One study consisted of 20 patients with treatment resistant PTSD. Twelve of these participants were given MDMA, the other eight did not receive the drug. After 6 years all but one of the patients given MDMA (the last participant was not followed up on, for reasons unknown) saw improvements in their symptoms. Not one of them was abusing drugs, and there was no harm to their memories or concentration after going through treatment. Another promising drug to help the public. Who better to treat than those with PTSD?

  • In Conclusion

Even though “Big Pharma” and the FDA have a monopoly on our modern medicines, many people are beginning to take notice of the medicinal values found in many of the drugs that are deemed “illegal”. Already the tides are turning as more states join the ranks with those states legalizing medicinal cannabis, and the 2 states that legalized cannabis for recreational use. Eighteen countries around the world have decriminalized this wonder drug.

The war on illegal drugs has proven costly in cash as well as in human lives lost to prison or death. We fight a losing war for nothing. It is time to end this war and let researchers figure out how these drugs can help society.

How ironic that we fight a war on illegal drugs while legal prescription medications cause more deaths each year than meth and heroin combined. Listen closely to those television ads for all the newest wonder drugs, and marvel at all the nasty side effects they include – up to death. Do they ever tell you that their drug kills more in a year than all illegal drugs combined? Of course not!

Small battles are being fought – and won – on our side of the drug war. However, we should never settle for a partial victory, we should continue to teach the masses that drug use is a health issue and not a criminal activity. It is time to stop jailing people over victimless crimes where drug use is the only “crime”. Some day everyone will know that the drugs we call “illegal” today offer some awesome health benefits yet unknown. The tide is turning – one battle at a time.

Source: The Mind Unleashed

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