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You may think these are the same family photos, but they were actually taken years apart

Lots of us have family members that we look a lot alike. From the moment we are born, we’re compared with our relatives to see who we take after more. Sometimes it’s not our parents, but an extended family member.

Many of us have relatives that we look a lot alike. we are often compare with each other to find out who we take after more. We can take after our parents or another family member.

For my family, my brother looks just like my father’s uncle.

But his likeness to my uncle is far away from the photos you are about to see. The similar appearances below are just beyond uncanny. You’ll think you’re looking at photos of the same person. But you’re not… it’s their kin!

1.) Father and Son/Son and Grandson

This one is a double whammy. All he needs are those glasses and it would be the same photo. Even their haircut is similar!

Source: reddit

2.) Father/Daughter

Did he take his eyebrows and give them to his daughter?

Source: huffpost

3.) Two Friends/Their Sons

This is too cute. The guy on the left even has his dad’s teeth! These guys must all be in some kind of mustache club.

Source: People

4.) Mother/Daughter

These two are wearing the same exact dress… I wonder if the chair is the same.

Source: thelifestylefactory

5.) Father/Son

Does facial hair ever go out of style?

Source: espresso

6.) Great-Grandmother/Great-Granddaughter

These two have the same looks and spirit in this photo taken 87 years apart.

Source: catdumb

7.) Great-Great-Grandfather/Great-Great-Grandson

This is a photo from 1917 and 1995 but those faces look exactly the same.

Source: pstatp

8.) Mom/Son

All he needs is long hair and he would be his mom.

Source: qpic

9.) Dad/Son

I guess he didn’t pass his mustache down to his son.

Source: blogspot

10.) Grandfather/Grandson

Both are 21-years-old in these photos. They look like twins!

Source: amazonaws

11.) Dad and Son/Son and Cat

He only kind of looks like the cat.

Source: blogspot

12.) Grandmother/Granddaughter

They even have the same hair!

Source: cdnpix

13.) Father/Son

These two have the SAME EXACT face!

Source: blogpost

14.) Mother/Daughter

These two photos were taken 20 years apart!

Source: TrendMutti

15.) Daughter With Her Mother’s Photo

Good thing that hair went out of style!

Source: blogcdn

16.) Mother and Firstborn/Daughter and Firstborn

The only thing that’s off is the photo quality otherwise these photos would be identical.

Source: imgur

17.) Grandfather/Grandson

The angle of the grandson’s face is a little different, but these two look so much alike.

Source: clipmass

18.) Mom/Daughter

Their yearbook photos at the same age. Unreal!

Source: imgur

19.) Father/Son

How is this not the same person?!?!

Source: yimg

20.) Mother/Son

Like mother like son!

Source: sznews

21.) Eleventh Generation Descendant/Abraham Lincoln

Source: bloggingisoverrated

Some things never change!

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