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Mainstream Media Questioned

Mainstream media is beginning to buckle from the weight of its own arrogance and hubris. Today, only a handful of news organizations exist and they are owned by large organizations. This has lead to most news reporting being somewhat misleading and tilted towards government interests and oligarchs. The ability to manufacture consent is a tool that is widely used.

Most of the public is still mostly numb to this phenomenon as many people are still inclined to believe what is heard in news media. If people know some of the tactics being by news organizations, then the tide turn against this onslaught.

  • Omission

The reporting of new may be missing crucial details. An hour-long news program is only a percentage due to many factors. There is chit-chatting that occurs and various graphics that are displayed. The use of visual aids and other gimmicks means if something does not appear on the news is not important or of any significance.

  • Control

The control of news and offering an expert or important figure is a way that news organizations use to control or guide public opinion. One reason for expert commentary is due to news that is thought to be too complicated for general public consumption.

  • Anchors

Choosing the right person as a newscaster, presenter or anchor is due to their ability to provide the best performance. This is the reason certain people presenting the news have a good look or sound like they are an authority.

  • Scripted

This is seen when different news organizations are presenting the same information. This may be seen as verbatim or slightly edited based on the demographic.

  • Politicizing

The best weapon for social control is the use of language. This is why certain language is used that can seem like double-talk to people who know better.

  • Labels

People today are now referred to as consumers. This is a label that is given to people who are spending money and are affected the most by changes in the economy. Another type of label is one that refers to someone who questions government actions and disclosures.

  • Questions

People in a position of power do not like to be confronted with hard questions. They often do not have a answer that is acceptable. This is why reporters often ask soft and leading questions.

  • Attention

News that quickly moves from the front page is a strategy to limit the attention of the public. This is common as people generally have short attention spans front page news.

  • Distraction

The inclusion of endless celebrity exploits in the news is used as a method to confuse the majority of people from bigger issues.

  • Lying

This is common for tabloid programs, but not so much with mainstream media. The Internet has made the need for lying almost irrelevant.

The news seen today is meant more to entertain than to inform. This is why news organizations offer a limited amount of information about important issues.

Source: Waking Times

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