How Long To Nap For The Biggest Brain Benefits

A recent study published by The Wall Street Journal, explains the different types of sleep benefits that you can receive from taking a nap. According to the article the amount of time you take during your nap can benefit you in several ways. Also the amount of time you take for each nap can benefit certain areas of your brain. You can accomplish more throughout your day by understanding how each nap can benefit you.

According to the experts a 10 – 20 minute nap can help you stay alert and can be the most beneficial. This type of nap which is also referred to as a power nap can give you the energy you need to accomplish your tasks. When it comes to memory related tasks a 60 minute nap may give you the benefits you need. Although with this type of nap it may take you longer to become fully awake. The experts have stated that anytime a person takes a nap for longer then 30 minutes they are actually going into a deep sleep.


Since a 60 minute nap can put you into a deep sleep a 90 minute nap can actually give you a full cycle of sleep. The sleep benefits from this type of nap can help with your emotional and procedural memory. This type of nap can also help with your creative memory. For those who need to retain a lot of information or may experience a high level of stress this type of nap can be the most beneficial.

Different sleep benefits can be achieved with each nap. Shorter naps can help restore energy and keep you alert. Also to avoid going into a deep sleep it is suggested to sleep slightly upright. This gives you the maximum benefits so that can achieve everything throughout your day.

by Selena Jane

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