Loneliness And Solitude! A Journey Towards Self Awareness

All of my darkest moment during the hours, minutes when rest of the world sleeps and I wonder around my thoughts and patiently wait to follow. I spend my time constantly on the facts, and I convince myself that I am doing wrong and I need to solve my certain problems. Sometimes I felt like I can solve my problems just by lying on the bed and thinking about them. But deep down I myself was not sure what I am doing is right or wrong.

Everyone need time to be by themselves and we can’t grow our soul without solitude. Our soul can’t grow in its own until we make efforts and listen to the noise of the world and confront them with social behavior and talks, and then we will be able to make changes and move ahead in life.Sometimes if we are left alone and we confront ourselves, we come to realize different possibilities and awareness. The distance from the outside world tells us that we are not along but connected with endless possibilities that make inner growth and progress.

  • Difference between solitude and loneliness:

There is a different between solitude and loneliness, People may see them as same entity but both are characterized differently. Loneliness is negative emotions that we develop after different situations; there may be possibility that you may feel lonely because of a person, failures, less support from the family, work or similar problem. But solitude on the other hand is different from the loneliness, it is more on the positive side than negative, in solitude we engage ourselves in inner growth and reflection.

The point is to achieve self awareness and walk through the path of self awareness where you know everything about what you are feeling at the moment. There are different possibilities, sometimes we feel that we are physical alone but we are not. We will never be alone because of the fact that we constantly become self aware and change the state of mind that make us solitude.

  • Benefits of being alone:

On the journey of self awareness in which we feel alone and learn to become more dependable, achiever and admirer in which society embrace us in the present moment, comes from being lonely. When we are lonely, we come to know the fact that we are not lonely, instead we become learner on every moment and thought that goes through the mind. After going through the journey of self awareness, we become dependable of our self with never being lonely and connected with the current moment all the time.

  • Meditation for loneliness:

In the study conducted by different researchers says meditation affects the loneliness and our physiological senses. Loneliness increase inflammation and scientist say that the best solution for loneliness is doing meditation. The studies indicate that there are many benefits that come from medication, it reduce anxiety, increase sleep and maintain cortisol levels. There are many benefits that come from medication and you can achieve those benefits by doing it.

Source: Collective Evolution 

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