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Living In A Vast Ocean Of Energy

In the world of quantum physics nothing is solid. Our physical world is a vast ocean of energy that blinks in and out of ‘being’ in just milliseconds. Our own thoughts are what pieces together, and keeps together, everything we see in the constantly changing energy field around us. We create the objects we see.

Why do we see people instead of large clusters of energy? Think about the way movies are made; they are nothing but still pictures in frames that flash by about 24 frames a second. Although each frame is separated by a small gap, our eyes do not see this because of the speed, we just see one continuous moving picture. Television works in the same way; we perceive it as a fluid motion.

Most living beings have five physical senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound. Each sense operates on a specific spectrum. Dogs hear better than humans; snakes see light in a different way. Each of our senses thrives in this ocean of energy as we perceive it from our own viewpoint; we create images in our minds.

Our images might not be accurate, and they might not be complete. What we see is really our interpretation of what it is. We use our own life experiences, and our own ‘internal map’ as a way to create our own reality.

As our thoughts link to this energy they decide what this energy will form. On a minute particle-by-particle basis our thoughts shift the universe to create our physical world. Take a good look at your surroundings; everything you see started as a small idea that kept growing as it was shared and expressed as real by other people.

The world is our mirror – if we can dream it, think about it and create it in our thoughts, we can make it real in our physical world. Quantum physics has taught us that our world is a fluid place that we constantly build through individual and collective thoughts. Our truth is as much an illusion as is a magic trick. The good news is, we have started to see the illusions and are learning ways we can change them.

What is the human body made of?

There are nine systems in the human body. These include: circulatory, respiratory, digestive, muscular, nervous, skeletal, endocrine, reproductive, and urinary. Each of these systems are made from tissues and organs. Our tissues and organs are nothing but a collection of cells. Cells are made of molecules, which are made of atoms; atoms become subatomic particles, which are nothing but pure energy! Humans are made of pure energy. This is a constantly changing energy that we control with our own minds.

If we could use an electron microscope and see inside our own bodies, we would be able to see that we are made of clusters of ever-changing energy. This energy would be seen in the tiny electrons, photons, neutrons and other specks that make us who we are. Observing objects around us would show us basically the same things.

We are made of three things: mind, body and spirit. Each has a unique function not shared by the others. Your eyes and body experience the physical world, which is often called Body. Think of Body as the effect created by the cause, which is called Thought. Body does not create, it only experiences. Thought cannot experience, it can only interpret and create. Thought needs Body to make the world real. Spirit is Everything – it is what gives Life to both Thought and Body.

Look around you. Are you happy with what you see? You have the power to change your reality in any way you choose. Let Mind, Body and Spirit work together to give you the perfect Life.

Source: Earthweareone

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