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Life Could be Everywhere Within the Universe: What Can It Teach Us?

Can the universe support more life than we once thought? Startling evidence from the world of astronomy indicates that it can survive, a fact that could have a substantial impact on some of our most critical global concerns.

On earth, some life forms have the ability to survive, and even thrive, under the most extreme conditions. Referred to as extremophilic microbes, they can be found swimming in water at a boiling temperature(thermophile), as well as hiding beneath the ice in Antarctica (cryophile), swimming around in the core of a nuclear reactor (toxitolerant), and living in some of the most hostile environments imaginable.

While scientists have been aware that life is viable in some of the most inhabitable parts of the earth for quite some time, they were unsure about life in space. However, recent research indicates that life forms can exist throughout space. Recently, the Russian space station, ISS, was found to have a species of plankton living on its outer surface. Even though ISS has denied that this plankton actually originated in space, this species is not known to exist in the area from which the space shuttle departed.

Information regarding how life can be created and reproduced throughout space has recently begun to surface. This includes evidence that there are compounds comparable to those essential to biological organisms are present during the creation of stars and /or comets may give these full blown organisms the ability to travel through space. Other evidence suggests that:

In what is referred to as a “star nursery” in the center of the Milky Way, there are molecules that are comparable in form to amino acids (the building blocks of life).
According to a theory proposed by David Wilcock in the Synchronicity Key, the important “ingredients” or even completely formed organisms may be frozen and relocated to traveling comets to be deposited onto planets during their approach or collision.
Rocks recently analyzed by researcher from a comet that crashed into the earth confirm the existence of fossilized completely formed microscopic organisms.

Essentially, the evidence appears to suggest that life is viable throughout the universe, but that this may be the universe’s goal.

  • Valuing Life’s Interconnectedness at Home

The possible existence of life throughout the universe could have a significant impact on those of us here on earth. Think about what might happen if we were able to come into an alliance with the universe’s goal. For example, what if we looked at food production not from the goal of making the most profit, but with a respect for life and a goal of providing people with adequate nourishment? Would we continue to use biotechnology, GMOs, and biotechnology without regard to the effect is has on us?

Many of the problems the earth is currently facing are the result of the assumption that we can find a way to defeat nature, as well as its limits. One example involves agriculture, where the attitude of us vs. nature has resulted in the constant use of pesticides, factory farming, and the proliferation of monoculture. All three are proving to be very flawed and weak. If we continue to move forward with this mindset, it is destined to be an uphill battle because we are not realizing the intricacy of life sustaining systems. In addition, it will only result in the annihilation of the life of all our living organisms, as well as the planet. This directly opposes the universe’s goals.

If we begin to fully understand that inherent qualities are already within the natural systems that provide them with the best characteristics to support life, we may begin to see things in a different life. As a result, we should stop trying to control nature and learn to work with the earth and existing systems. We must begin to appreciate that life is not an accident, but is the purpose of the universe. Accepting this will give us the ability to understand our full capabilities and understand what is needed for every life form on earth to have the chance to thrive.

Source: Collective Evolution 

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