Li-Fi Revolution: Internet Connections Using Light Bulbs Are 250 Times Faster Than Broadband

Have you ever imagined that the new alternative of 3G, 4G and WIFI hubs is the bulb above our heads.

The idea of connecting to the internet through a light bulb is being developed by Professor Harald Haas. He calls it Li-Fi technology.

Professor Harald spent years of research in the University of Edinburgh working on this project. He created a new company called Pure LiFi and he is working hard to sell his innovative technology.

Edinburgh University itself is working on a similar project called LiFi R&D to make of the city of Edinburgh an international center for this type of technology.

Harald and his former PhD students made a team and traveled all together to expose their new project in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. They demonstrated how this idea by connecting a computer to a kit and the latter is connected to a light fitting.  The counter computer has another light receiver. By flicking rapidly the light, data is transformed from one computer to another.  It also well functioned once a video is streamed from the other computer, but it buffers when the light is switched off.

The team believes that there is much to do in this area and the only problem they have now is the lack of financial support.  They believe that this bulb can be squeezed to a 1-sq-cm to fit in a mobile device.

When many devices are connected to one WIFI hub, internet connectivity becomes slow and this is not going to be the case with LiFi.  Professor Harald says ‘’we have deployed so many wireless access points that they interfere with each other and slow down the actual data rates. We need other pipes, fatter pipes – and light is just such a big pipe for wireless connectivity.”

Professor Harald believes that there are important advantages to LiFi which are speed (250 Times Faster Than Broadband) and security; as it doesn’t pass through walls, which will facilitate the inter-connection of all home gadgets.

LiFi is an innovative idea but it still needs a lot of work to do and then we will be just switching on our bulb to start connecting to the internet.

Article written by Rory Cellan-Jones Rory Cellan-Jones Technology correspondent for BBC
Edited by A. El Hani

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