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Lessons on Aging that You can Learn from some Amazing Animals

You can’t expect to age without having to overcome at least a few challenges along the way. The best you can hope for is to exude grace, wisdom, humor and confidence as those years continue to pass you by with scarcely any chance for you to appreciate your experiences along the way. As those Romans once declared, “Tempus fugit” (time flies) and today that precious amount of flying time can speed along with hurricane force winds.

There are some humans who accept the passage of time with a unique grace and dignity. Among these individuals are Hollywood stars such as George Clooney, Betty White and Bob Barker. We can look to these people for ideas on how to stay active, energetic and involved even after those first 50 years of life have vanished into the pages of history.

Animals can also show us how to age gracefully while embracing all that life has to offer. Here are 6 wise and funny lessons on aging courtesy of our animal friends.

  • Zebras- Own your Uniqueness

These wild animals may often look the same but there are unique differences among all of those stripes. The patterns, width of stripes and color shades show variation that makes each zebra a “one of a kind” individual. You never see a zebra trying to look more like another member of the group. Celebrate your personal life and beauty! Delight in the quirky talents and differences that make you a unique individual!

  • Tortoises- – Take Life Slow and Enjoy the Pace

Why do some tortoises live well past the century mark? The answer could be found in their basic approach to life- a calm and steady pace. It takes a lot of commotion before you could ever expect a tortoise to lose its cool.

On average a tortoise moves about at speeds of less than 2 miles per hour. This still gets these animals where they want to be, where they need to be and where they were intended to be. Tortoises endure all that life can throw at them without over-reacting, without getting upset and without wasting their energy.

In other words, these animals are supreme examples of creatures that heed the advice about “not sweating the small stuff”. We could profit by taking the example of a tortoise’s life to heart.

  • Dolphins — Stay True to your Friends and Family

The social communities to which dolphins offer these mammals life-long membership in groups that stand together against all obstacles. Loyalty, trust and companionship are ever-present traits that can help these aquatic mammals maintain their compassionate natures and love of life even when they are faced with catastrophic nightmares such as killer whales, human hunters and spine-severing propeller blades.

Dolphins rejoice in their underwater world and they maintain their bonds with friends and family throughout the years. Whether old or young the dolphin “pod” will always take care of their members. This is an example of true unconditional love in action. Keep your love and family unity strong through time and those golden years will be so much more rewarding.

  • Elephants – Share your Memories

The colossal brain of an elephant gives these animals a huge advantage. Their complex brain activity has helped these land mammals develop a strong matriarchal society and their wisdom and logic helps them solve problems and make good decisions.

Elephants also have deep emotions and remarkable memories. They can remember friends and family who have died, where their bones are resting and identify which elephants are related directly to which herd members. Pretty impressive!

Within a herd of wild elephants those memories are kept alive year after year. These animals understand the importance of community bonds and actively share their knowledge, skills, compassion and loving memories. They say that elephants never forget and scientists have discovered that those amazing memories help deepen the bonds between herd members, creates a foundation of love and respect within the herd and helps establish the herd identity. Humans could do well if they would remember to practice similar respect, patience and sharing of memories.

  • Rabbits- Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Most of those rabbit traits are positive and they provide insight into more lessons on aging. Excellent eyesight. Limber body. High jumpers. Vegan lifestyle. Likes to cuddle. Physically fit. Loves to exercise. Constantly on the move. Healthy diet. Even those ‘rabbit feet’ are considered lucky by humans!

Rabbits remain healthy, fit and agile for many years. Why not bump up your exercise routine? Exercise more often and get out and walk(or run) each day. Maintain a limber body with yoga or you could just practice more jumping and hopping each day. Adopt a healthier diet and learn to appreciate the nutritional value hidden in green leafy plants; fresh fruit and ripe, raw veggies.

  • Monkeys- Keep Having Fun

These animals are keen on keeping up basic hygiene. They will even help other monkeys stay clean, neat and tidy. This type of behavior extends to caring for others and supporting the sick or injured members who belong to their band. With a monkey everything should have a little dash of fun and frolic attached.

These clever, fun-loving mammals enjoy such activities as jokes, tricks and teasing. You might say every monkey is a clown and this means that most of the members are going to be in a good mood for most of the day.

Humans should practice more kindness toward others and laugh more often. Make things fun in your daily life. Remain curious and mischievous throughout your lifetime. never be afraid to make a monkey of yourself when the end results are going to produce joy, love and a world of laughter!

Source: Huffington Post

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