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Why Laws Of Attraction May Make You Lose Friends

One of the frequently asked questions in the Law of Attraction community is related to lost relationships where many people wonder why they lose friends and experience strained relationships with their closed ones as they learn how to raise their vibrations?

When you raise your vibration, don’t you expect only nice things to happen to you?

Yet you might find people losing out on their friends. They might even feel that their relationships are more strained than ever and things might not go as easy as you think. If you have thought that the law of attraction will only bring in good things to you, this development might seem as a conundrum. So, what can you do?

Understanding Law of Attraction

What you need to understand is that on raising your vibrations, you align yourself with a happier and pleasant state of being and are more likely to promote love, happiness and tolerance while the rest of the world is still working on discord and separation.

Your vibration truly rises when you notice that people are being kind to others and connecting better. The problem arises when you are unable to change your expectations about your loved ones as you gradually become aware of their negativity.

Remember, we live in an universe with ‘infinite’ versions. So, all you need to do is to make your loved ones evolve into a version you would like. You can try to make your loved one improve so that you can continue your journey together.

The major reason for this change in perception of your loved ones is because there is a change in your energetic shift. Your loved ones left behind in your journey of raising vibrations as they are not able to cope up with you. Either that person will get left behind and you will start detaching from him or you will expect that he joins you and rises up with you to keep the relationship alive.

It’s Important to Believe

However, it is vital to remember that in the Law of Attraction, you get what you truly believe. So you need to believe that your loved ones will make the climb with you and they will. Focus on raising your vibration without worrying about the outcome.

To keep the relationship alive, avoid thinking that your loved one is a negative person and focus on the good times spent together and his positive traits instead of the negative one.

You need to understand that ascending to a higher state of being is what matter most and being surrounded by negative people will make your vibrational energy decrease. As you climb, loving relationships will automatically start getting attracted to you. And don’t worry about losing your friends. Down the road, your positive energy might align with one of your friends positive energy again, a friend you had initially lost touch with because of different energies.

It’s important to get in touch with yourself to be able to feel positive. Understanding the law of attraction will help you to lead a healthier and happier life.