The Law of Attraction

You would have to be living in a cave in order to have never heard of the Secret or Law of Attraction (or LOA as most people commonly call it.) People from all walks of life, whether spiritual or not, know about the power of the LOA. Some people know a lot about it, some people know nothing. Below are just a few main ideas to get you to understand just what the Secret or Law of Attraction is, and what it is all about.

  • What Is LOA?

The LOA is a universal law that states people have the inborn ability to attract things into their personal lives with their own thoughts and intentions. Simply put, negative thoughts in, equal negative results in life; positive thinking leads to positive outcomes.

Just think about this for a minute: we are all energy, and our thoughts and consciousness do have an impact on our reality. It is not hard at all for us to attract those things we most desire, just by using the LOA.

  • How to Utilize LOA

Most people choose their own method of dealing with the LOA. Some like to use vision boards – actual pictures of things they desire, while other people write their thoughts in journals. Others may do neither, but have more control over their power of positive thinking.

The object is to place your wants deep into your subconscious where they will live and grow. This is why it is wrong to let the negative thoughts in, for they, too, will grow if left unchecked.

These methods work for some people, and don’t for others. No one really knows why LOA only works for some.

  • Journeys

Every human on Earth is on their own personal and unique journey through this life. Deep within us, at our soul level, we have a set path that we have chosen for ourselves. We are on this journey to learn what we must. If we have this set path already within our souls, how does all this interact with the LOA?

Let’s say your journey in life is to learn to detach yourself from money. You already know that money does not define who you are as a person, nor does money mean anything to how successful you are in life. Yet, you yearn to be rich so that you can experience more of life’s adventures. No matter how hard you wish for more money, your inner self will not let this happen. Your lesson is to learn to live with less money, not more. You can only dictate your life to a point, your life path is basically set before you are born.If you pause and remember all those times when you entered into a situation that you really had no desire to experience, you will see that you asked for each experience. You just did not want to be there for whatever reasons. Then suddenly you wake up one day and realize that you are actually learning something from being put in this situation. This was not a random thing, you attracted this situation directly into your life through the LOA because there were lessons you needed to learn from it. So, expect those unpleasant times to happen from time to time, and learn and grow from all of them.

  • Closing Notes

Most of us are looking for a certain outcome when we use the power of the LOA. This can be a wonderful way to create a whole new way of living – if that is meant to be. Sometimes our strong belief does not match up with what our soul level knows is the right path for us. It is possible to use the LOA in a half-hearted effort, which only leads to blocking the truth of our own creative beings.

As simply energy, we have the power within us to harness this energy in positive (and negative) ways. Using the LOA will have a major impact on your reality, because seeing the bigger picture of your life is what you should be seeking. Once you remove all doubt from your mind, and clear yourself for what will replace that doubt, you will be on a positive journey using the powers of the LOA and your mind – as one.

Source: Collective-Evolution


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