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Ladies It’s Finally Time To Take off That Bra… For Good!

Most women are so eager to get off their bras as soon as they get home. This provides them with a feeling of liberty that makes one wonder if wearing bras is such a daunting task.The American Cancer Society suggests that there is no substantial evidence to link wearing bras and contracting breast cancer. This is because there is no conclusive study to provide such a link by the society. In retrospect, some studies have shown such a link between the two. Just as in the 1930’s, there was no study to show the link between cigarettes and lung cancer, due to lack of technology, in like manner there has not been enough research done to provide the link between wearing bras and breast cancer.It is interesting to note that doctors kept promoting cigarette smoking in the 1950’s because the tobacco industry was huge. This is the same way the bra industry is multibillion dollar in the US alone, and women are prompted to keep wearing bras.

Evidence to Support the ClaimsWhile wearing a bra, there is the possibility of limiting the lymphatic vessels, thus compressing them and leading to an intense build up of toxins. These toxins could have been drained through the lymphatic vessels. With them being compressed by the bra, minimal oxygen and nutrients are carried to the cells and the toxins are not being removed from the body. One question that comes to mind is the possibility of these toxins being linked to fibrocystic cysts. These cysts are fluid filled sacks that appear as hard lumps in the breasts and are connected to an increase in the risk of breast cancer.

In May 1991, Syd and Soma Singer conducted some studies with 4000 women in 5 major US cites. All the subjects were middle income Caucasian women, ranging ages 30 to 79, with 50% of them being diagnosed with breast cancer. Most of the women surveyed, expressed displeasure with the size and shape of their breasts, prompting them to wears bras for appearance sake. 75% of these women who slept with their bras contracted breast cancer, while 1 in 7 who wore bras for more than 12 hours daily became victims to breast cancer. The study portrayed that 1 in 168 women who didn’t wear a bra came down with the disease. This statistics is similar in men, knowing that men don’t wear bras.

How to Minimize Your RiskOn a personal basis, I don’t wear a bra and have not done so for almost 4 years now. I wear it only occasionally and I had no idea of the potential link between wearing bras and breast cancer, but I stopped wearing it because of the discomfort. There are a lot of women with big breasts who think it is impossible for them not to wear bras.Wearing bras actually weakens the ligaments of the breasts, keeping your breast free of the support provided by bras would strengthen your breast ligaments and make them support themselves much better.

Professor Jean-Denis Roullion, measured changes in the breast of 330 women with calipers over a period of 15 years and found out that bras didn’t do any of the things they were advertized to do. They didn’t reduce purported back pain, instead they made it worse. Also, they didn’t stop the breast tissue from sagging. He concluded that wearing a bra is a false need. The study unveiled that breasts receive more tone and support themselves without bras, and that bras hinder the supporting breast tissue from growing and makes them to wither faster.

Women who took off their bras experienced an average lift in their nipples of 7mm every year. Worthy of mention is that Roullion suggests that women over the age of 45 don’t get many benefits from wearing bras.A major reason women wear bras is because society shapes opinions. For instance, women that have small breasts are told to wear tight push up bras, while those who have big breasts are encouraged to wear tight bras to reduce the size of their breast. It is funny to note that, even women who have small breasts wear bras to make them look bigger. They have no idea of the risks they are taking in doing so.Conclusively, if you have to wear a bra, wear one that has no underwire and isn’t tight-fitting. Wear it for short periods of time and massage your breasts after you take it off. Please don’t sleep in your bra, and consider wearing a camisole if you’re worried about your nipples showing. This would help you prevent any associated risks in the future.

Source: Collective Evolution

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