What You Should Know About Pork

With religion comes a number of restrictions. You must have heard that some religions do not allow for the consumption of pork. The reasoning behind it is that this meat is unclean. However, is there more to it than just the aspect of hygiene and cleanliness?

Other than religion, a number of scientific research bodies are providing theories and evidence to support this motion.

According to science, pigs (source of pork) will consume anything in their way including other animals fecal matter. Consumption is one thing but what makes this unhealthy is that they do not digest the content extremely to get rid of any toxic material. In this, many dangerous microorganisms, bacteria and viruses remain active in their body organs and tissue.

Unlike humans, pigs do not have sweat glands. This aspect retains all the toxins as they do not sweat. Every time you decide to eat pork, think of as you consuming all the stored toxins. Simply put, pork is the most toxic meat that is considered ‘fit for human consumption’.

After detailed research on raw pork by Consumer Reports, 69% indicate the presence of Yersinia enteroclitica. This is a dangerous bacteria that will make you vomit, diarrhea, develop a fever, cramp up and will cause gastrointestinal diseases. Other than this bacteria, there were other bad bacteria. A drug called ractopamine that is basically illegal in Asia is found in pork. It gets worse as you find out most of the bacteria on pigs is resistant to many of the antibiotics used to try and treat bacteria as you know it. In the event that you are infected, it proves difficult to treat it.

  • The Consumer Report Indicates that:

The tested pork carried bacteria that are the most common cause of food-borne diseases such as salmonella and aureus. A larger percentage contained enterococcus which may affect human urinary tract.

Looking at the evidence provided, pigs are basically home to parasites, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Those that you could get infected with include:

Taenia solium which infects your tissues and loss of appetite is evident.
Manangle virus which causes a fever, you may develop rashes, a headache and leads to profuse sweating.
Hepatitis E causes fatigue and nausea in its early stages but when left unattended, it leads to liver damage.

If you choose to still enjoy some pork, it is recommended that you cook it properly. The degree to which you do this is not specified.

  • Safety precautions of pork consumption as advised by Consumer Reports

Ensure the pork cooks up to 145 degrees (for whole pork) and 160 degrees (for ground pork) by using a meat thermometer.

Do NOT store raw pork with other foods.

After handling pork, wash hands thoroughly.

Lean towards certified organic meat(pork) which is not from pigs that did not rely on drugs to mature.

Buy pork with statements indicating they are antibiotic free.

Identify misleading labels such as “Natural” which has nothing to do with its hygienic content.

  • Is Organic Pasture Raised Pork Safe?

Pork can be very tasty to consume but the health concerns are equally extreme. Organic pasture raised pork has also shown to have Trichinella commonly referred to as pork worm. Despite being one of the most commonly spread parasite, you can eliminate it by thoroughly cooking the pork as provided by the guideline.

Depending on how the pig was raised, it can determine the health of the pig and its safety for consumption. Many pigs are reared in toxic environments with drugs and processed foods which is the reason they retain so many toxic material. It is therefore evident that organically raised pigs are better. It is however unfortunate that the readily available pork is from CAFO’s raised pigs.

It is important that you control your intake amounts. It may be okay to eat pork once in a while though you are still at risk. The more you consume the higher the risk of getting an infection.

Other than the health concerns, pigs raised in factory farms which are the majority in the market are genetically grown. This is a hazard not only to them but also to man. The food they eat and the environment they live in is hazardous.

  • Control Measures

If you cannot stop eating pork, it is advisable that you eat is once in a while. Also confirm that it came from a pig that was not raised with antibiotics, and other chemicals. Eat right and stay healthy.

Source: Collective Evolution 

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