Kids accidentally reveal their parents’ secrets with adorably hilarious drawings

Children can be hilarious because they just can’t help but tell the truth. The old saying “kids say the darndest things” definitely rings true, which is why we’ve compiled some hilarious drawings in which they accidentally reveal secrets their parents would rather not have the world see!

This kid is amazed by his mother’s transformation.

Women everywhere will relate to the embarrassment this mother is undoubtedly feeling after seeing this drawing! However, the kid is definitely not wrong in pointing out how many women look rolling out of bed compared to when they’re all made up to go out.

This kid’s dad just got called out hard!

Whelp, this is one way to address someone’s weight problem! Hopefully his dad sees this as constructive criticism.

This little girl is just a little too honest.

Many moms like to kick back with a glass of wine to relax, but this mother might be doing it more than others, as her kid has picked up on it!

This child knows her mother’s favorite activity, and she’s letting the world know it!

Who doesn’t love watching “The Ellen DeGeneres Show?!”

This kid noticed the big difference between his mother and his father.

This boy believes his mother and father each release something different. While his mother releases a cloud of love, his father releases a cloud of gas!

This girl wants to be just like her mom.

The girl claims that her mom is working at a store, but from the drawing it looks a lot more like her mother is working on a pole, if you know what I’m saying!

These parents definitely aren’t raising any crybabies!

The parents are definitely raising some tough little cookies!

Go dad!

Something tells me these parents aren’t wrestling. Most of us can read through the lines on this one!