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The Key Benefits Of Meditation Practice Into Schools

“If every eight-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation: -DalaiLama

Think about how good it would be if meditation was integrated into the school daily curriculum. The world would ultimately change than we usually see. If we could give a chance to every child to taste an indefinite consciousness about everything happening, the ability to do harmful things would disappear.

Nowadays society’s main issue is based on selfishness and the truth. We are passionate about our jobs and social parties that never give you time to explore your real personality. We are just copying others’ behaviors yet we cannot be like them. We learn to match, adapt and embrace social guidelines. We disguise ourselves in an enormous mass of people’s appearance. We are obsessed with our selfishness. We are perfectly egocentric and it becomes harder to admit the idea to opt out of the ego acquired before.

Happy to have such behaviors, we are destroying ourselves and lose life direction. We lose mercy and pity for everything in the world. We are creating great mind confusion about our personalities. Most of us lose strong connections to regain real personality, never believe that it can be possible and researching personalities wrongly.

What if first of all we stop selfishness? What if we had learned to have a peace of mind very young? If schools educated about meditation, children would get an opportunity to discover their passions, hobbies, innovative capabilities among others. They would not have a burden and live a life full of uncertainties, they would know how to lead a right and better life rather than being part of a wrong side. Meditation allowed me to define my real personality. I will not choose to replace the education structure if it is not in favor of meditation. It allowed me to reach my life dream, and goals. Children who practice meditation have no risks to having stress, anxiety, and diseases. They develop strong connections with every creature in the world and have high competencies compared to their classmates.

I think that it is essential to let our children be conscious about meditation benefits. I have a dream that time will come whereby meditation will become a favorite routine as eating. Medical studies published have shown that meditation develops the brain’s cortical thickness, prevents the body from illness, and highly develops focus and concentration.

Schneider, Grim & Rainforth et al. carried out research on two groups: a transcendental meditation (TM) program or a health education program among which 201 men and women were suffering from coronary heart. They found out that after five and a half years, the TM group manifested a 48% risk decrease for heart attack and stroke.

Although gray matter decreases as we age, another research conducted by Pagnoni&Cekic compared the gray matter of Zen meditators and non-meditators during a particular long period, and found that it doesn’t decrease for Zen meditators. According to them it is due to several functionalities related to neuroprotection.

Lazar&Kerr etal. also reported similar results. They refer to the great effect of meditation practice on cortical thickness of the brain. They mentioned that constant meditation practice is related to the high thickness in subset of cortical parts associated with somatosensory,auditory, visualandinteroceptiveprocessing, and that can allow you always to have a cool face and always reflect good humor. Moreover, Goyal&Singh etal. conducted a research on 3515 people practicing meditation and proved that it reduced their anxiety, reduced sadness, and reduced pain.

It is a big pleasure to have the children of the next generations practice meditation. I am in a good position to prove it from my experience. Do whatever it requires integrating meditation into schools for self-improvement, we must first explore our peace of mind if we want to eradicate the harm among us.