Introverts Are Frequently Misunderstood

Everybody who knows me knows that I’m an introvert to the core, and there’s a good chance that either you or someone close to you is as much of an introvert as me.

When I was a little girl, people used to label me as ‘the shy one,’ especially in school. This is a very common misconception about introverts. There are times when I sit back to remember all thoseoccasions when visitors used to come into my house, and I would just lock myself in my room—waiting and waiting until they left so that I could come out and enjoy the living room once again allby myself. I just didn’t want to interact with anybodythat I wasn’t close to. It made me feel very uncomfortable…and still does, so if you happen to be my neighbor or future boyfriend knocking on my door, I apologize for not opening the door.I much ratherhide or peek through the window than to open the door for you.

Every time I react like this, which isalmost always, my sister laughs at me, but it’s just something that I cannot control. She is the populargirl that likes to bring attention to her persona (I don’t know how she does it).

I think it’s time for people to know us introverts a little more so that wecanstop beinglabeled withincorrect terms. It didn’t take me a long time to come up with the following five most common misunderstood characteristics of introverts (below).

  • 1. Introverts Are Not Necessarily Shy Individuals

It seems that people who are quiet and tend to not open up when they are in a social situation are automatically labeled as shy. Introverts are people who are energized by being alone. When they surround themselves with strangers, their energy gets drained.(They havean automatic internal energy shift.)

  • 2. Introverts Are Definitely Not Snobs

Yes, we are NOT! It is very difficult for an introvert to join a crowd and justbegin tohave random conversations with astranger. It is much easier for them when they just keep to themselves. This type of reactiondoesn’t mean that they feel superior–introverts are just uncomfortable in these types of situations.

  • 3. Introverts Do Love to Be Social

Believe it or not, when introverts find themselves to be surrounded by friends or family members, they can be super loud and lots of fun. But as soon as a stranger walks-in, an introvert will just shut down and disappear little by little from the situation to protect his/her comfort zone.

  • 4. Introverts Do Become Envious at People Who Can Easily Socialize

Although introverts find it very difficult and unpleasant tojoin a strange group of people, believe it or not, the majority of them actually envy the people who are outgoingand whocan actually join a crowd with ease and joy.

  • 5. Introverts Are Generally Very Introspective

Whenever you see introverts sitting quietly alone, they are probably thinking about deep thoughts. Quite often, introverts think too much about a situation, which makes it very difficult for them to relax.
The next time you come across an individual that seems to be shy or quite the snob, think twice before labeling him/her!

Frances Luna
Source: Mind Body Green

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