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Interpreting Your Dreams

Dreams allow us a look inside our subconscious mind; this may allow us to better understand our waking hours. Carl Jung believed that dreams are images that come from the unconscious. He believed these symbolize something in our waking life.
Interpreting dreams can give you insight to your own life. To start, keep a journal beside your bed. First thing every morning you need to write down what you can remember about any dreams. You can improve your dream recollection simply by telling yourself you will remember them. Stay away from alcohol and drugs, these impair the ability to dream properly.

While dream analysis is interesting, and a good way to higher conscious development, all dreams are personal and esoteric. Keep these thoughts in mind when you analyze your dreams. Listed below are the twelve most common dream symbols, and what they could possibly mean.

  • 1. Being Chased = something in your life needs attention.

We tend to remember the dreams where someone is chasing us because we feel the fear and anxiety within them. Your mind is telling you that there is something in your life that you are neglecting, but that needs to be taken care of.

  • 2. People = all the characteristics of yourself.

People in your dreams are representations of different parts of the Self. Each specific person you dream of may be indicating which parts of your own characteristics need to be dealt with. You may need to work on interpersonal issues or work on a specific emotion you are suppressing.

  • 3. Houses = the dreamer’s mind.

With all the different floors – from basement to attic, and everything in between – and all the different rooms within the house, it is said that the house in our dreams represents our own mind. Our mind is built layer by layer, as is a house. Basements may mean something is being neglected; bedrooms reveal feelings, intimate thoughts and evoke powerful memories. Activity in the house will determine how best to interpret these types of dreams.

  • 4. Food = the equivalent to knowledge.

We eat to nourish and energize our body. Dreaming of food is often a representation of nourishing our minds – which is really our knowledge. It can also mean that you are hungry for new knowledge in your life.

  • 5. School = continued learning.

A school, a classroom, or taking a test can all represent the whole learning process. Maybe you need to learn something from your past or the present; maybe you need to examine your inner self.

  • 6. Nudity = being honest and open.

Dreaming of being nude means that an emotion is being expressed out in the open, without limits – even if the dreamer feels exposed for expressing them.

  • 7. Sex = unification of unconscious and conscious, creation, and sexual expressions.

Dreaming of sex may represent the unconscious and conscious desires becoming unified. It may also mean it is a time of creation in your life – new relationships with others, or with your Self. Sex dreams may just be an outlet to realize our own sexual expressions.

  • 8. Vehicles = the giving or receiving of experience.

Vehicles symbolize the control we have, on the path we take, and what lies in that path. Different vehicles mean different things: large vehicles usually indicate a large building, or where you work; ambulances may mean you have an issue that needs healing; a police car may mean you need more discipline in your life.

  • 9. Baby = something that is new.

Dreaming about babies may mean that there will be new ideas and developments happening in your life, helping you to grow in specific areas of your day-to-day life.

  • 10. Death = change is inevitable.

Death is nothing by a shift from this place to another. People often think that death in a dream is a negative thing; it is actually a sign that a dramatic change is happening, or will soon happen in the dreamer’s life, not always something negative.

  • 11. Animals = the dreamer’s habits.

Animals function mostly by instinct; dreaming of them represents the dreamer’s habits. What type of animal, what it does, and where it lives all affect the message that the mind is sending out.

  • 12. Falling = a return to being aware and in control.

Falling in a dream usually means you are returning to a state of conscious awareness. Before you hit the ground you usually wake up or just stop dreaming that dream. It is also widely believed that falling dreams may mean that there is an aspect of the dreamer’s life that is totally out of control. Or, you could just be afraid to release something in your waking life.


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