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Internet’s Funniest Reactions to Melania Trump’s ‘Nightmare’ Christmas Decorations

Christmas is finally here, this is the time most families around the world, especially American families, wait for the whole year to pull out some holiday decorations and make their houses more cozier and merrier. However, looking at the reactions of people and the pictures below, we can’t say people have the same feeling for the White House’s Christmas decorations. As it seems, the internet has some cheeky comments about the first lady’s choice of this Christmas decoration for the White House.

The photos have immediately split opinion into those who see the White House room as a winter wonderland and those who see it as an outright horror show. Twitter was the first to pick up on the strange hall of barren branches that line the East Wing corridor. The snapshots from the reveal quickly became memes that were sprinkled with the Babadook, Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, some dementors from the Harry Potter universe, Pennywise the clown . . . and that’s just the tip of the very scary iceberg.  Keep scrolling for the haunting pics and the hilarious reactions thereto.

This example just proves that when it comes to decorating your house for the Christmas season: Simplicity will always win over the more stylistically weird, modern designs. Better yet, it shows that the first thing you have to think about before anything else is the lighting. Don’t forget about this for your family photos.



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