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Alternative treatments for cancer are often misunderstood because people believe that these treatments are not scientifically analyzed or tested. Many people have said “I would never consider an alternative approach to treating cancer because I would prefer to go with a scientific method.” This comment is almost hilarious if cancer were not so serious. What amazes me; is that their premise is completely flawed. Cancer patients should be informed and know that the real truth is this: many alternative cancer treatments are based in science.

Some alternative treatments are not backed up by science, but many are. It may surprise people to know that some standard treatments have not been extensively tested by scientists. Traditional cancer treatments are where alternative treatments originated from. Some alternative cancer treatments have also cured some patients. What is more unfortunate about people’s beliefs is that they are unaware of these alternative treatments. In my book, I have discussed alternative treatments that were developed by medical professionals, such as microbiologists, chemists, and a physicist.

Different scientific principles have been utilized in developing alternative cancer treatments. In my book, I explain the scientific processes of many approaches to treating cancer. I also explain what the science and characteristics of cancer cells are. OUTSMART YOUR CANCER was given that title because I want my readers to be forewarned and forearmed. Information is power, and that power will help my readers fight cancer. The book contains a scientific explanation about cancer and how to target the scientific characteristics. Treating your cancer is the next step and you may be able to beat cancer with this knowledge.

Two principles of cancer that are discussed in this article will show people methods of treatment they should know about. These principles are:

1 – The Trophoblast Principle of Cancer

2 – The Anaerobic Cell Principle

  • The Trophoblast Principle of Cancer

Dr John Beard, a Scottish embryologist observed in 1902 that cancer cells are virtually indistinguishable from pre-embryonic cells known as “trophoblasts.” Within the first five days of a new life being fertilized in the woman’s womb, embryonic cells split into two groups; embryoblasts and trophoblasts. The purpose of trophoblasts is that they form the umbilical cord and placenta during early pregnancy. These trophoblasts grow rapidly and can “hide” from the mother’s immune system. This happens so that the mother’s body will not interfere with the development of the placenta and the umbilical cord.

Cancer cells do exactly the same thing; they hide from the immune system and use the same mechanism that trophoblast cells use. Dr Beard discovered that both trophoblast cells and cancer cells hide by producing a protective coating around themselves that carries a negative electrostatic charge. To be clear, these cells, both trophoblast and cancer cells are surrounded by a protective electrostatic armor. Our body’s white blood cells, which protect our immune systems, are also negatively charged. Our white blood cells are repelled by the trophoblast cells and the cancer cells.

Given that all malignant cancer cells have a coating that is negatively charged, and the white blood cells are also negatively charged, the cancer cells can repel the white blood cells, effectively repelling the immune system. This scientific principle is ignored by traditional cancer medicine and is explained in more detail in chapter seven of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER. Therefore removing the protective coating around the cancer cells could be a way forward. This answer was discovered by Dr William Donald Kelley and will be discussed soon.

Returning to trophoblast cells for a moment, Dr Beard discovered something along the lines of what the pancreas does. Pancreatic enzymes eat away at the protective coating surrounding cancer cells and destroy their ability to defend themselves. Dr William Donald Kelley was the first health professional to try Dr Beard’s discovery and put this enzyme theory to the test. Dr Kelley successfully treated his own cancer and he followed this up by treating and curing many other cancer patients.

If you read chapter seven of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER you will find out which doctors are using this treatment and having success with it. A highly respected physician in New York is reported as having success with this alternative treatment. This cancer treatment is non-toxic, scientifically tested, and could be more effective than traditional treatments. This cancer treatment is considered an alternative treatment.

  • The Anaerobic Cell Principle of Cancer

The above principle is also based on scientific studies of malignant cancer cells. It is the principle behind the remarkable liquid formula called the Protocel approach, and is also akin to the to the powerful Cesium High PH Therapy approach.

In brief, I can tell you that all cells within the body need to get their energy, which is referred to as “cell respiration.” Cell respiration refers to how cells get the energy needed to thrive. Normally, all cells obtain their energy through Aerobic respiration, while damaged cells get their energy via Anaerobic cell respiration. Muscle cells can temporarily revert to anaerobic respiration after great exertion when oxygen is not getting to them fast enough. These conditions are temporary and muscle cells are the only cells in the body capable of using anaerobic functioning and reverting back to normal.

Nobel Prize winning scientist, Otto Warburg, in the 1930’s and the 1940’s demonstrated that all cancer cells share the characteristic of being anaerobic and they cannot revert back to normal aerobic functioning. Warburg was able to show that cancer cells can survive where there is no oxygen. He also proved, rather than using oxygen, cancer cells use a pathway of cell respiration called “glycolysis,” which is the fermentation of glucose. This is why some cancer patients are told to steer clear of sugary foods. It is a shame that oncologists do not inform patients about the scientific facts of what glucose does to cancer cells. It makes you wonder why the cancer industry avoids the real science behind alternative treatments.

Not all alternative treatments for cancer work on depleting cancer cells by way of the cancer cell’s dependency on anaerobic functioning. My book and the audio CD at the back of my book will introduce you to people who have used the above approaches and these alternative cancer treatments were used at home by the individual. To read more about how these powerful cancer treatments target the elements of cancer cells in different ways. Read Chapters nine and sixteen of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER to discover more.

Despite popular belief there are sound scientific elements and testing based on alternative treatment for cancer. These treatments have been effective in an abundance of cancer cases. Moreover, when comparing the alternative approaches to the toxic medicines involved for radiation and chemotherapy, alternative therapies do look better. The right alternative treatment might beat the cancer without damaging the patient’s immune system, cause them to be sick and achieve a long term cure.

Janelle Coulton
Source: Outsmartyourcancer

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