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Increasing Gamma Brain Waves Enhances Life

It is possible to train your brain to become synchronized with various frequencies in the brain: the alpha and theta, gamma, delta, and beta waves. Each of these has a certain frequency that matches a state in our consciousness. Delta is the dominant brainwave when we are sleeping or unconscious. Beta waves, at a high frequency, may bring on high stress and anxiety levels. Theta and alpha waves work together to counteract the beta waves and help you relax. During meditation, the use of lower frequencies like delta and theta helps you reach a much higher state of mental being.

  • Gamma Brain Waves

Gamma waves are most active when we are waking up and when we are experiencing REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. These brainwaves have the fastest frequency range, and oscillate in a range of 40 Hz to 70 Hz. On an EEG, the gamma waves have the smallest amplitude compared to the other basic brainwave frequencies.

Gamma waves link and process all the information received from the rest of the brain. It is often said that people with high gamma wave activity are more intelligent and compassionate, are happier and exhibit more self-control. Gamma brain waves are also involved in memory and our ability to perceive reality.

A lack of gamma brain waves may lead to learning difficulties and mental problems. Studies have shown that people with mental impairment have less gamma brain activity than people who have average or above average intelligence.

  • Increasing Gamma Brain Waves

Brain wave entrainment – the brain’s electrical response to certain rhythmic stimulation (light, sound, or pulses) – is a great way to induce a desired mental state and reach our own unseen potential. Binaural beats (another way to describe brain wave entrainment) are aural tones fed into each ear in a different frequency. A 300 Hz tone may be played in one ear, a 310 Hz in the other; this gives the binaural beat the frequency of 10Hz. Listening to binaural beats can alter your state of consciousness while altering the brain waves.

When you use headphones to listen to certain binaural beats you will increase gamma brain waves, boost the way you process sounds, and create a rich sensory experience in your own mind. You may even raise your IQ by a few points. Some people swear that just because they are listening to more gamma brain waves that they are learning and staying focused much better than before. When you are aware of your brainwaves, you are actually more in tune with the various states of consciousness and how they can help you see and enjoy life more.

  • Benefits of Gamma Brain Waves

Below are some results that you may experience when you expose your brain to gamma brain waves:

Memory: There may be a regulation in the memory processing center in the brain. This will lead to greater ability to recall thoughts and experiences. Overall memory improves.

Processing Speed of the Brain: Think of your brain as computer that is getting an upgrade from a processor chip; you will have the ability to process information faster and more efficiently.

Assimilation: Your senses and your memories come together, bringing every memory of every event into sharper focus.

Perception: Better able to perceive reality through all of your senses; vision and hearing become sharper and clearer, smells become stronger, and your taste buds will spring to a renewed life. Each of these will greatly enhance your enjoyment of life.

Compassion: You will begin to feel, and show, more compassion to other people.

Happiness: You will be left with internal and external feelings of happiness; thoughts of sadness and despair will seem to just slip away.

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