The Impact Of Social Anxiety

Do you feel anxious of being around with some people? The feeling of social anxiety for many people can be devastating to be noticed in public. The question is whether the unseen link of social anxiety offers us a better knowledge of those lives affected by empathy.

The truth is that social anxiety is very difficult to understand, it is challenging, confusing, and interesting for many who experience it. The concern however, does social anxiety and those who are experiencing it cause the feeling.

Different logic fails to succeed in the face of the social anxiety. The feelings people garner from it do easily disappear with the experiments and treatments that come with it.

A recent research published on pubmed journal indicated that people suffering from anxieties and social phobias are more hypertensive when compared to people who are not suffering from it. It was observed that those considered as socially anxious could easily tell when people are mentally alert.

At the end of the study, their findings supported the theory that people who are socially anxious could prove social cognitive capabilities of people with mental accuracy and empathy. It is always easier to discover the link existing between empathy and social anxiety. Specific measures were adopted by such people in testing the link between the social anxiety and empathy, as they could be identified with certain behaviors.

What is the implication of all these? It implies the unique capability to derive the energy, feelings, emotions, and adding social anxiety to everybody with energy.

Very important, it implies that if you are encountering social anxiety, it could be because you are very sensitive and imbued with unique gifts. The gifts would help to discover many things including the belief that knowledge could significantly affect those suffering from social anxiety instead of thinking that something is wrong with such people.

When you are empathy it only suggests that you are feeling the same thing that other people could feel emotionally, you can as well experience the same thing with your body. You can at the same time experience those things without actually realizing that you are indeed experiencing them, this is the same thing that the most recent study conducted on that has identified.

The truth is that most people tend to be emotionally culturally in different things. This could be attributed to illiteracy, and this is because they do not know what they can do with their emotions and how to relate with such emotions. This is the reason, people are overloaded with heavy emotionally baggage and emotional pollution. This means a lot of weight for such people. When one is suffering from such a problem, there is always the tendency for such people to feel unspoken. You can easily notice this when you go along with people who are suffering from social anxiety.

It is very interesting that the study in its finding collaborated social anxiety and empathy in the understanding the mental states of many people. The implication of this is that you as empathy do not only know how the people feel but the way they can frame their mind and think in making their decisions.

As Empathy, it may be difficult for anybody to carry, because the cause of their discomfort could not be attributed to their live weight or life experiences and challenges, but to the energies of people around them including the bad and good. This could mean many things when you want to integrate them.

In the end, as an empathy with social anxiety, you know what you are doing. You are normal with complete senses and unique purposes, design and experiences in life. You have to take it simple with your life and be conscious of the influence of those people around you.

Source: Spiritscienceandmetaphysics

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