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Husband’s beloved wife dies. 2 years later, he gets a letter from her that says the unthinkable

Cancer is taking over too many of lives every year around the globe. However, we often came across heartwarming stories about people who are embracing their illness and showing their courageous spirit when struggling to do the last thing they can do for their loved ones.

Brenda Schmitz unfortunately lost her battle to ovarian cancer two years ago leaving behind an amazing family of five. with a broken heart, her husband, David had to help his four sons Carter, Josh, Justin, and Max to heal from the great sadness of their lost.  As Brenda was dying, she wanted to do one incredible thing for her husband David and her sons. It seems entirely impossible but Brenda planned for her husband’s gift so perfectly. I’m sure that the gift and the last letter given from Brenda to her husband will move you to tears.

This is the letter Brenda wrote for her husband and mailed it to the local radio station, she asked her friend to deliver it after her husband, David, find a new love again.

Christmas Wish #M.pdf

This incredible woman is Brenda, she was at age of 46. She gave a specific request to her friend to give her letter to David after finding a new woman to love.


The local radio station fulfills Christmas wishes every year. Everyone in the station was moved to tears while reading Brenda’s touching letter. They knew they had to give their help.


This woman is Jayne, David’s new love, she is appearing in the picture along with Max, Brenda and David’s youngest son. Brenda didn’t only wish for a special gift for her family, but also she wanted to do something amazing for Jayne.


Brenda wished for a special gift to give her family. She hoped they can go altogether for a family trip. Thanks to Star 102.5, the local radio station, her wish came true. They sent the entire family to Disney World.


Brenda didn’t forget the staff at Mercy Medical (where she was treated) and had a specific wish for them, to have a night out full of drinks and fun.


And finally, the amazing wife and mother, Brenda, had specifically wished for something amazing for Jayne, David’s new woman.


David knew Brenda was always looking over him. On the day she died, there was a double rainbow… and her and her son’s favorite song was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”


David, Jayne, and the rest of the Schmitz family at Walt Disney World in 2014.

Disney-2014-029 (1)

I had never heard of someone so generous and wise. It must have taken Brenda so much courage and strength to be able to write such a letter, with the idea she would leave her family and they would eventually move on.

This footage was taken at the station when David was first told about the letter.

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