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Human Memory Tends To Forget Negative Things

A repression of memory means that you either discard it or store it away. Sometimes the choice is made consciously, but most of the time its automated response process. The subconscious mind work with one aim: to ensure only the pleasant memories linger in the alleys of memory lane. According to Russell Brand, humans don’t have a good memory for hatred, or any other emotion that favors pain over pleasure.

A year ago, I would wake up at night full of anxiety. There was an army of ants that were electrified, and would attack my body by invading my skin and setting up several camps in strategic locations. In each of their attacks, I would scratch myself badly until blood gushed out of the battle wounds. These ants were not any mere ants. They could endure extreme conditions, even the use of ice packs could not silence them. The several freezer-burnt patches on my skin is a reminder of the desperate attempts.

I tried to calm down the ants by using coconut oil massages and the calming meditation. Their level of ignorance to my friendly attempts would anger me so much that I would declare war on them, leaving no traces of progress, but only results to self-destruction. I would rise up every morning soaked in sweat, and walk away from the bloody scene of a non-ending movie.

I was literally fighting cancer. And this particular ants were known as Lymphoma.

I can easily talk of this painful memory in disbelief, because honestly, it does not seem real.

Remembering in specific details of the sleepless nights is nowadays difficult. I can’t exactly remember them, although, this happened only a year ago. Repression has kicked in and working silently in an attempt to suffocate these memories.

Although it is well-intended, I don’t always embrace repression as it muzzles real events until they disappear to thin air.
Why Its Not Helpful At All Repressing Painful Events.

1-6xQM7XH3cKg981RPvCwjQg “After a while when I see a picture of (George W. Bush) now, because he’s like a little bit monkey-like, I think, ‘Aw he was alright.’ I’ve forgotten about all them wars and everything.”

In this scenario, Russel Brand illustrates our natural character to forget the negative events.

Under the umbrella of natural repression, we have a tendency of forgetting past dark times that are marked by death and war, even though it’s important for us to remember those events in the case of forthcoming similar events.

It’s impossible to learn from mistakes that no longer exists.

Time has come to wipe our Amygdalae into shape! Those are the almond-shaped nuclei in the brain, that are responsible for processing memory, emotional reaction, and decision-making.

We need to realize the mechanisms that the subconscious uses in repressing our painful events.

The goal should not be entirely about remembering only pleasurable moments in our life.

The goal should be enabling us flourish as individuals and as a group by remembering all the experiences.

If those painful memories resulted from an event of war and death, let them serve as a historic example for the violence ineffectiveness.

We must be able to remember of war and death to prevent them from recurring.

Source: Collective Evolution

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