These hilarious letters to Santa will make your kids seem like little angels

Kids really do say the darndest things, and they are never more fun than around Christmas time. Here’s the funniest Christmas list request from children that we could find on the internet!

“A Box Of Tacos And A Pet Pig”

Maeve is a little girl who knows what she wants! She wants a barbie doll and an iPad like most children, but she also has some unusual but relatable gifts in mind like tacos and a pig.

This Kid Gets Point As Honesty

He clearly thought it was best to get the one “naughty” thing he did off his chest while he still could. Hopefully Santa takes his honesty into account and gets him the puppy!

This Child Is Not Above Threats

Well, this is one way to get Santa to do what you want! This child is not afraid to threaten St. Nicholas to get the present that he is hoping for.

Nic Has No Shame

What’s fun about children is that they have no shame, and Nic is no exception. She’s unafraid to ask for tons of gifts, including, an mp3 player, a Disneyland Trip, $300, her own TV, and more!

This Girl Is Telling It Like It Is

Sella seems to be over Christmas, and she’s not afraid to let Santa know it! Hopefully, she was just having a bad day, and changed her mind about the holiday.

Claire Will Be A Great Personal Assistant Someday

This is one organized little girl, and she’s contacting Santa on behalf of her little brother. If you have a sister with penmanship like this, you might want to let her write to Santa for you!

“Please Text My Dad”

This girl is so busy that she doesn’t have time to write to Santa, so she’s sending him to her dad for her list!

“It Seems Like I Did Not Succeed”

Sofia tried to be good, but it didn’t quite work out. She decided to own up to it by writing to Santa, and we’ll see if it pays off!