The Hidden Risks of Furniture

We all live in a high-rise condo like most individuals who live in a bustling town. We also live on a budget because of this and therefore use IKEA as our only choice when furnishing the condo. IKEA is affordable and trendy.

However, most furniture in the western world is being sprayed by a toxic chemical right now which makes the surface of fabrics flame retardant.

Dr Mercola explains that this is am odourless chemical that is far from innocuous. PBDE’s or Polybrominate diphenyl ethers as it is scientifically known was recently outlined as a high priority chemical that should be avoided by individuals, due to its risk of inducing breast cancer.

Studies have also shown that up to 75% of individuals already possess chemicals that are Flame retardant in their system making this an issue that should be analysed.

It has also been found recently that individuals have up to 6 different flame retarding chemicals within the body and one of the most shocking of these is that of TDCIPP or Chlorinated Tris as it is known. This used to be found int children’s pyjamas but has since been eradicated.

This all started to make sense when I was reading about these chemicals and how they were found in common items. I remember when I first purchased my IKEA furniture and was getting headaches. I could also recall a smell which had the chemical feel to it and this persisted for months. what were these flame retarded chemicals that I was now finding out about?

  • A quick history concerning Flame retardant chemicals

Individuals who live in America now have more Flame retardant chemicals within the body then they may have previously have known. This is according to Dr Mercola, who describes how these chemicals were originally used on furniture to prevent fires involving cigarettes.

These fire preventing chemicals were originally developed in the years of 1970 when a high level of Americans would smoke cigarettes and then cause fires. A fake group called the National Association of state fire marshals was then developed by the tobacco industry after it was put under pressure for developing cigarettes which were safe and self extinguishing.

A technical bulletin in California was then developed in 1975 which allowed furniture in California to be sold with a exposure that could withstand exposure to flames for 12 seconds without setting on fire. This requirement eventually became a standard and has since been used extensively on a wide range of furniture.

These chemicals were also found to be existent in over 60% of furniture found in vehicles when these vehicles were tested by an Ecology centre.

You can now take a test for free to find out if you should be concerned by following this process. Complete an online form to receive a sample ID from the website at the Dukes University Superfund research centre.

Take a cubic centimetre piece of foam and wrap it in foil. Then put the sample into its own sandwich bag which can be resealed. place the ID number on the sandwich bag and Mail it to Gretchen Kreuger at Duke University.

The Duke University team have discovered a selection of shocking chemicals such as those that are not even identified in academic literature.

The notorious chemical that was removed from children’s pyjamas in the 70s is now being found in cushions.

Research has also found that children have these chemicals in the body and the concentration of this chemical can be up to 5 times that of their mothers. It was also found that individuals who wash their hands more were less likely to have Flame retardant chemicals on their hands by up to 50%.

  • Dangers

The dangers of these chemicals have been linked to cancer and can also develop problems with reproduction in women. These chemicals have also been linked to problematic brain development.

The fertility issues that have been linked to these chemicals are to do with fibroid hormones and are similar to these chemical structures.

It was also found that mothers who’d been exposed to these chemicals gave birth to children with lower IQs and more hyperactivity.

The good news is that many countries are now banning the use of these chemicals in their products and this will hopefully limit the amount of exposure that shops such as IKEA give to their customers.

However, these Flame retardant chemicals are still being manufactured and manufacturers are still using them on fabrics so as to withstand exposures to fire.

  • How do we stop exposure to these chemicals

It is important to be careful with certain materials such as polyurethanes foam products that were made before 2005. These can be found in pillows and mattresses.

You should inspect your home carefully and should throw away any foam that appears to be deteriorating.

Another chemical name is Deca PBDE and this can be found in items which have electronic components such as cell phones and TVs and it is important that you wash your hands after touching them.

Focus on organic materials that are used in carpets and on furniture as these will be less harmful for individuals. Chemical treated foam is the important thing to look out for and avoid.

Look out for PBDE’s in household dust and use HEPA filters to vacuum with.

Source: Collective-Evolution 

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