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Heart-broken man gives emotional tribute to his dying dog who helped him rally to beat cancer

“Denali” is the title of the video below, this video is told from the point of view of a dog. the love, gratitude and friendship  are so perfectly described and expressed in the journey of this dog named “Denali” along with his owner, surfer/photographer Ben Moon.

The story began when Ben broke up with his girlfriend and left Portland, OR. He started living a new lifestyle, a free-spirited in the high deserts of Bend, OR. That’s where he met Denali who stayed by his side and accompanied him everywhere. From hikes to beaches, the bonded duo traveled throughout the western United States. It was a life full of adventure, freedom, and joy.

In June 2004, tragedy struck. Ben was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Denali stood faithfully by his side, refusing to leave the hospital room.

But things took a shocking and sad turn in June 2004, when Ben was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Denali never left his side and stayed faithfully with him, he refused to leave the hospital room.Throughout the surgeries, treatments, and procedures, there was Denali, resting gently beside Ben. The dog’s healing power played a huge role in Ben’s recovery.

Denali had been a big part of Ben’s photography, even taking his rightful place on magazine covers throughout the years. In early 2014, Denali himself endured cancer, and Ben promised to never let him suffer. According to Ruffwear, he told him it was okay to let go. But after production began for the “Denali” film a week later — the very video you’re about to see — Ben asked Denali if he could stick around for another month. Exactly one month later, at midnight, Denali developed a bad cough. Moon and Denali played on the beach the next day. The following morning he gave Ben the look — it was time to go.

Denali passed away at age 14 1/2 years old. Celebrate his life — and the incredible journey that comes with owning a dog – and please SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook.