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The Headen Power Of The Conditioned Mind

Both the culture and society that you have grown up in have programmed fixed patterns into your mind. Your identity and what your job in this world is are both part of those patterns, which are programmed into your mind by individuals such as your parents and even your teachers.

These patterns are systematic and automatically surface every now and then. They are embedded deep into your subconscious and your mind by the psychological mechanisms of identification.

Thoughts like these come and go as they please whether you want them to or not, as well as whether you like it or not, causing your mind to constantly be in motion. They generate the way your mind works as they strive to be self-sustaining. The end result is a sort of “cobweb” of thoughts, which is what causes you to live your life the way that you do.


The fixed patterns that are programmed into your mind are individual. This is because they reflect the expectations of the environment that you were raised in. These same expectations can also affect and influence your mind unconsciously.

Oftentimes, there will be a particular situation or person that can activate these thoughts, since they have become part of your mind during the entire course of your upbringing. When this happens, you often put on the proverbial “mask” in order to suit the expectations of the particular person and/or situation.

It’s important to realize that the situation itself is not what constitutes the problem. Expectations are natural parts of the world, and it’s impossible to live without them in the society that you currently live in, just as you cannot exist physically without your body.

Your expectations are fed by your identification with them, coupled with the fact that you always stick to your personal identity, as well as the expectations that come with it after waking up. Fixed mental patterns are extremely and powerfully influential, their power being in accordance with the overall degree of your identification with them. Your thoughts will be more powerful over you depending on how much you believe in them. They can easily obscure your sight and reduce your alertness, which will drive you back into your world of dreams.


It’s important to recognize your fixed mental patterns in order to make your awakening irrevocable. Once this is achieved, you will be able to shut all of the doors leading back to your dream world one by one.

This, however, does not mean that you will need to shut all of the doors yourself, as the works of your mind cannot simply defeat your mind’s fixed operational methods.

All you need to do is watch how a fixed mental pattern works as soon as it appears, as well as what expectation activates it. You will not need to fight it, nor will you need to do anything else to further neutralize it.

The only remedy against this is Sight, which is nourished by the deeper dimensions of Alertness, which, in turn, will cause Sight to bring recognition to you. Sight will also use your mind to reduce your identification, as well as place you back into your original state of existence: Oneness.

The overall energy supply that your fixed mental patterns receive will eventually dry up when you are able to see and recognize how those patterns work. This will cause the patterns to lose their power and ultimately vanish.

In the end, Consciousness and Presence will manifest themselves into longer periods of silence as they increasingly dominate your mind. This will allow the mind to regain its original mission, as well as allow Consciousness to express itself in the world of forms and shapes.

Kenny Williams

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