Green Tea Instantly Boosts Working Memory

Scientists have been studying cognitive thought processes for years. Learning how working memory works is a focus of many of the research efforts. Over the years, scientists have discovered the power of green tea and how the consumption of this tea can boost your brain power.

Working memory also known as short-term memory is your brain’s ability to hold information for a short period of time. If you do not have a good working memory, you might find completing task or doing more than one thing at once very difficult. After you drink green tea, your working memory has an immediate reaction. You will be able to multitask effectively, because your brain will be able to recall information more accurately. Therefore, you can use the information to help you complete tasks.

Researchers at University of Basel in Switzerland have decided to test the effects of green tea on working memory. They used a participant pool of 12 healthy volunteers. Each participant is given one of two drinks: a milk whey-based drink that contains 27.5g of green tea extract or a milk whey-based drink with no extract. The researchers tested the results by evaluating the participants using functional MRIs.

The results show that people who drink the green tea extract perform better on memory test. The MRIs show more brain activity in the frontal and parietal regions of these participants as well. Scientists are still trying to figure out how exactly green tea extract helps working memory. The results show that it may be due to the green tea intensifying the connection between the frontal and parietal lobes in the brain. A stronger connection means an increase ability to recall memories.

If you want to improve your working memory, drinking green tea between meals will help. It is best not to drink it with meals, because the tea interacts negatively with folic acid and iron from other food sources.

Candice Marshall
Source: Spirituality & Health

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