Freethinkers: A Boon to the World

Most people can’t help but admire those people who were ahead of their time for thinking “out of the box.” These amazing individuals had the courage and will to speak out despite the risk of being outcasts from society.

The interesting fact is that free thinkers actually thrive at being at the fringe of society and embrace the chaos and non-conformist ideals. They enjoy a certain freedom from strict control and authority.

They don’t allow themselves to be held back by the conventions of society. Nor do they fear conspiracy or change. If you find yourself drawn to this way of being, there are a couple things you need know.

  • 1. You have the right to be creative:

Creative people are often stereotyped as “bohemian or artsy.” This is not true. We are all born with creativity. The school system and society try to force us into a mold that can be controlled and managed.

Students are expected to follow the parameters of the curriculum. They are discouraged from straying from that course. You are expected to fit in and become a contributing member of society.

  • 2. Herd Mentality and Group thinking are not your friends:

It is easy to follow the mentality of the group. Immediate actions, emotions and ideas are very contagious. Imagine watching a ballgame, when the crowd cheers or boos, we feel compelled to do the same. Peer groups exert incredible pressure on individuals. When part of a group you lose your individuality.
We even find ourselves judging other people based on the group consensus. We agree with the views of the crowd. The herd mentality limits our ability to be a free thinker.

  • 3. New Perspectives:

A free-thinking person knows the importance of perspective. Our feeling or thoughts can change in an instant if one changes the perspective. Even the most staunch of ideals can change with perspective. Failure for one person can be a life lesson for another and improve their life.
A freethinker is open to change and new ideas. One concept is to imagine a room of windows overlooking a meadow. Each window you look out, gives a different view of the meadow. If you want a more complete picture, you need to view through several windows.

  • 4. Knowledge is the key:

Authority figures, conservatives, powers in charge; resist change at all cost, as their premise is that their knowledge is set in stone. Free- thinkers know that knowledge is critical to growth. When people have knowledge, they have power. They know that no one knows all, and that leaps forward depend on change and knowledge.

  • 5. Breaking the time bubble:

Visionaries and freethinking people have broken through the time bubble. One must go beyond the limits of our current views of this time. The greatest visionaries, futuristic thinkers and innovative individuals can see ahead of their current time line and act on it.

  • 6. Defying authoritarian pressure:

There are two main forces at war. One is the hierarchy of government institutional control over society. The other force is the free thinker and their unique ideas. They quietly spread their innovative concepts through the fringes of society, until mass media takes hold and it becomes the norm in society. A simple concept, but you get the idea.
Free thinkers are the people on the edge of society who create new ideas. They refuse to let society shut them down. They persevere and we are blessed with new innovation every day.

  • 7.Perception needs change:

Free thinkers thrive on changing perception. Others’ perception may be different from yours and therefore their reality of a situation can be vastly different from yours as well.

Freethinking people are able to understand how perception is often limited in the view of the world. However, in reality perception is fluid and can be changed at will. One may consider some famous free thinkers who changed the world, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, and Timothy O’Leary.

Source: Inspireamaze

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