The Five Steps to Successfully Manifesting Your Happiness

Every thought we have produces an energy flow around and within our physical body, which draws it likeness to us. As a result, when you are having negative thoughts about yourself, such as, “Everything I do is messed up,” then your energy is destined to be messed up and attract messed up experiences to you. Great, right?

Of course, if you are having positive thoughts about yourself, the energy around you tends to be filled with an air of confidence and attracts positive experiences to you. So, if your thoughts influence your energy, and your energy manifests into your everyday occurrences, what does this really mean?

Essentially, your thoughts and energy are what creates your reality.

  • Manifesting Disasters

Manifestation has generated plenty of buzz lately, but some of the information that has come out is quite confusing, particularly for anyone not ready to put in some hard work. To really use your energetic power to manifest excellence, you have to get rid of anything that prevents you from believing in your excellence. Unfortunately, many people tend to focus on their outside being rather than their internal condition when trying to manifest. For example, saying, “What can I do to something that will make me feel better?” isn’t appropriate. Instead, the question should be, “How can I feel better and become an energetic match for attracting excellence into my life?” You have to place the importance on healing your internal condition, rather than simply getting something to make you feel better.

  • A Look at Manifesting Your Desires

Below the five key steps for genuine manifesting are examined. When you practice these steps, stay dedicated to the goal of feeling great first and attracting things second. Remind yourself that by feeling good your energy will attract good things into your life. If your goal is to be happy, then whatever comes to you is immaterial. True happiness is your manifestation.

  • Step One: Clear Space

Prior to beginning the process of manifestation, you have to take the time to rid yourself of all the disbelief you have in your power to be happy. Many people find that praying for the release of these negative feelings is helpful. Pray for the guidance needed to help you remove the obstacles that prevent you from believing in your greatness. Then give the Universe the chance to guide you to the assignments you need to help heal you. Trust that the more you clean your thoughts and energy, the more situations will be attracted into your life.

  • Step Two: Get Clear

When manifesting your desires, clarity is essential. You need clear intentions for what you want to invite in, otherwise you can easily manifest things that you have no desire for. Focus on what you want and create a list that goes with it. Your list will help clarify your wishes and take a good look at what you desire. Don’t apologize for what you want!
The critical part of this step involves clarifying how you want to feel. When you have a clear idea, you can start accessing that feeling, which is what will make you manifestations come into form.

  • Step Three: Think, Feel, and Believe It

After you have put these steps together, you must spend time sitting in the feeling of what it is you desire daily. This can be done through visualization exercises, meditation, or even when you are exercising. The more you feel the feeling you desire, the more you will believe that it is on its way.

  • Step Four: Take a Time Out

This may sound crazy, but it is critical for the process of manifestation to be successful. You have to chill out to truly manifest your desires into form. Consider this statement: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.” Take this statement to heart and live by it. Allow your faithfulness to guide you and trust that the Universe has a plan for you. You cannot control the form or timing in which what you want appears. Relax!

  • Step 5: Know the Universe is With You

As your disbelief continues to disappear, what you want is replaced by knowing. When you practice the first four steps, you will get rid of the negative thoughts, get clear, and feel better. This is a healing process that leads to an inner understanding that you are right where you need to be. Accepting your excellence in this exact moment is what will manifest even more excellence.

  • Stay Committed to Happiness

Commit to these five steps and trust that you are really where you need to be. If your top desire is to feel good, trust that you will be given the things you need to create this feeling. While feeling good is your true manifestation, all that comes with it is simply icing on the cake of life.

Abra Gordon
Source: Alternet


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