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Five Rules That Humans Must Follow

Being a human is difficult at times. We have to pretend things interest us for the sake of conversation when they do not. There is an acceptable way in which we have to eat, speak, and act. We are in trouble if we dress inappropriately for an event. From the moment we are born we are becoming conditioned by the rules of society.
We live in a world where being an individual is discouraged and repressed. We are conditioned by social rules that we must follow and that guide the way we live.
These rules are set prior to use being born. These are essential for enjoying life and being accepted. Here are five rules that humans must follow:

  • You have a Body

You get your own fleshy body. You may not like it but it is part of being human. The body has biological urges that interfere with out best interests so we must learn to control out biology to have a happy life.
The body is amazing and highly complex. While you cannot change your body you can improve it. Having a healthy diet and exercise can improve the appearance of the body. Do not get too used to this. You only have the body until you die then you move on.

  • People Reflect Back Upon You

Everyone you meet will reflect a part of you back to you. If you have anger inside you may take it out on someone close to you. Their behaviors mirror the type of energy we are projecting both positive and negative. What we see in others is usually a reflection about how we feel about ourselves.
If you want to be happier we cannot expect people to change just for us. We need to take responsibility for our own energy and actions. If you start making changes for the better people will respond to you in a different manner. You have created a positive energy and they will begin to mirror these qualities back at you.
For good and bad people mirror behaviors back to others. If you are not happy with your life you need to change yourself first.

  • Thing Work by Physical Laws

You cannot do whatever you want. You have to follow both written and unwritten law.
These laws include thermodynamic and the law of gravity will prevent a person from having superhuman freedoms. A person has to experience their body within the restraints of being human.
These laws keep the atoms in our body from falling apart and allow us to function. They help us experience life.

  • Repeat Lessons Until You Learn

It may seem some thing in life happen over and over again. You should recognize these mistakes at one point.
These mistakes are trying to get your attention. They will happen over and over until you make changes. Pay attention to what the lesson is trying to show you. This can include love, forgiveness, and other things.
Until you learn the lesson you cannot grow or evolve. An example of this is people who keep on going back to abusive relationships. Until they develop a sense of self love things will not change for them.
Suffering is universal. Follows the signs to the lesson and they will stare you in the right direction.

  • You will Forget This

When you can into the world you have forgotten where you came from. You will not remember your time before entering your body and interactions that have helped you evolve.
You may forget the purpose of life and the lessons that you have learned along the way. Life has its up and downs. Forgetting the positives and negatives of both will take the fun out of life and new experiences.

Source: Spiritscienceandmetaphysics

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