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Finding The Truth – Letting Go Of Lies

Face it, most of us live in a world filled with media overload. This constant flow of ever changing images, videos and print is causing some people to tune out the world around them. They shut down and neither see, nor hear, the Truth that surrounds them.

Mental shutdown is crazy these days. Spiritual and vibrational things happen while these people continue to fight change that occurs naturally, blocking out the Truth as it marches forth.
Chaos rules our planet as we all move towards a conscious state of being. This is a transitional period. It is happening here, there, and everywhere… and it is going to become personal to each of us at some point.

  • Times of Choice:

Change is happening rapidly all around us. We have two choices: we open ourselves to this new and changing world, or we hide and do so because we believe the media that tells us we are safer when we do.

Those who have already shut down don’t seem to mind the endless nothing that the state propaganda machine dishes out – everything in a nice little package, perfectly sweetened as not to sour a mood. These are the same people that eat processed foods and think that is healthy enough – because the FDA approved those processed foods.

Deep down inside these people is someone who knows the Truth about processed foods, but they figure if they shut their eyes tight enough, the truth will never come out. Thinking too hard on the subject may open the door and force them to face the Truth.

  • Conspiracy Theories:

There are too many people who will never believe that “the powers that be” have staged numerous events that involved murderous schemes. There are a lot of unanswered questions about what really happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The media knows there are contradictory stories floating around; what do they do? The remain silent on the whole subject.

Anyone who dares to question the Truth of what happened on that day in December is labeled and demonized. The same goes for those who don’t quite believe the stories about 9/11 or any of the other false flags our government puts up.

In the end, no one benefits because those who need to learn the Truth are still left clueless, while those who already see the Truth still have no further answers.

  • Boiling Over:

Energy is building towards a climax that no one can predict. Energetic changes can not be stopped; the waves of Truth cannot be stopped. People need to wake up to these two Truths.

Subconsciously, those who live in a near zombie state know that they need to rise and face the challenge of the changing world. They fear every change because they know they are not going to like it much. Staying in their comfort zone is going to become uncomfortable and confusing very soon.

  • Beware the Vortex:

Those who have shut down are following the advice of the mainstream media, or their own religion; the end result always leads to death – of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body.

These people should fear the vortex of deceit as it continues to grow and suck them in. Layer by layer the vortex will tear away the Lies, leaving the Truth behind in the aftermath of the storm. If this happens they should let the Lies go and embrace the Truth. It will set them free.

  • Detachment:

As the vortex begins to pick up speed the smallest bits of debris become airborne. As each layer peels back, detach from the Lies and let Truth and Love replace the Lies. Attachment to the Lies is not good for the human soul.

With the world on information overload – most of it totally false – we still have to break through the indifference, apathy, excuses and confusion that causes some people to attach themselves to Lies.

There is one good thing about information overload: there’s plenty of good, true, reliable information to be found on the internet. The Truth is spreading like wildfire.

If you think you are one of “those people” who have basically shut down, step back and take a look at the consciousness of yourself – your choice which way you go….
Truth or Lies?

Source: Earthweareone

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