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Finding Yourself Through Solitude And Meditation

The child inside of us knows that in order to live well we must continue to grow and move forward. As adults we often close doors that would lead us on great adventures. Finding a way to open these doors, and allowing one’s self the ability to explore freely, helps one become all they are meant to be.

The best way to move forward is through solitude and meditation. Finding yourself through solitude will open your eyes to new ideas, and new ways of seeing things. When you are alone with Mother Nature you can smell whatever scents are floating through the air, you can taste the freshness of the same air, you can see and touch the miracles of life that surround you, you can hear the wind in the trees, and amazingly enough, you can hear your own thoughts. When you reach this point, you have reached a level of solitude that allows you to reconnect with yourself and the sacred world within and without.

Just as a human needs food to sustain the physical body, we also need solitude to sustain our spiritual body. When we are truly alone with our thoughts, we are able to put our lives in proper prospective and balance.

For it is during the times of solitude and meditation we are able to come face to face with our demons. When we face them, feed them, and begin to understand them, we can become best friends with our demons. After all, they are a part of the whole of our being.

The best way to feed the beast is through solitary wandering. The beast needs a voice, and an ear that will listen. When you allow your demons to come forth, you can embrace them, and know that there is hope for an even better life.

It is the act of being alone and meditating that opens our third eye. This is the hidden sixth sense in every human. When we are one with nature, and one with our self, we are able to understand that we are just one tiny drop of moisture in a vast body of water. We come to realize that we are a part of a whole, beyond our physical self.

This is a great lesson learned through solitude: We cannot separate ourselves from the whole, nor can we separate ourselves from our despair. It is only through suffering that we learn about the greatness of self and the awesomeness of being a part of a whole. We also come to realize that life is short compared to infinity.

In our hyped-up world, spirituality has been pushed aside, mainly because of disenchantment. Some try to find this spirituality through movies, books, even sports. However, they will never find themselves through entertainment, for the issue is a total disconnect with the cosmos. When people forget they are part of a whole they tend to forget the whole. Solitary meditation helps bring these thoughts back to the forefront of the mind, helping to reunite your self with the greater cosmos.

Self-centered people rarely seek comfort in solitude and meditation; they truly believe there is no need to search for answers, as they already know what they need to know. Wise people don’t need to search for themselves, because they have already done do – and probably continue to enjoy their time of solitude and meditation. A majority of the rest of mankind are the lost souls who are most in need of finding themselves through solitary meditation. They will benefit greatly as they go from being lost to finding themselves.

Some people never experience this thrill of being lost and found, again and again. For it is through these solitary times that we learn to balance the positive and negative aspects of life into one cohesive whole. It is when we are alone that we allow our self to dream, and take those dreams beyond our solitude and enjoy life with all the curiosity and adventure a soul could ever want.

Meditation and solitude are the doorways into an unknown for most people. It takes time and practice to reach one’s self, then more time to learn the lessons through solitude; but when all is said and done, learning that you are a part of a large and infinite whole is the most enchanting and joyous feeling in the world.

Source: Wakingtimes

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