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Finding The Path To A More Meaningful Life

The Path To A Meaningful Life

Too often we feel stuck in our lives. It seems that obstacles are everywhere keeping us from being happy and complete. When this happens, we begin to look for happiness in places where it can’t be found. Shopping, alcohol, gambling, and perfection just make it harder to find the right path.

The Truth

Facebook is fun, but what does it achieve outside of entertainment. Our work is still there waiting. Cake could make us happy, but too much makes us unhealthy. In our culture, we’re often told that financial success and buying what we want can bring us happiness. Too many of us reach these heights only to find our lives are still empty and without meaning. So how do we find meaning?

A Meaningful Life

What brings us meaning in our lives? One of the biggest factors is feeling that we belong somewhere with someone. It doesn’t have to be romantic love, the love of a friend or child can be just as meaningful. Experiencing love in all of its forms will bring meaning through connections to our lives.

Everyone has pain and disappointment in life but having someone who understands and is there for you can help keep it in perspective. Think of the hard parts of life as a way of gaining experience and learn from it with the assistance of someone who cares. A meaningful life is not the same for each of us but below are some ways to bring meaning to your life.

1. Make Personal Growth A Priority

Successful people become successful by following goals that will lead them to where they want to be. It works in business and can work in your personal life. Look inwards and see where you want to go, write it down and then list the steps you need to follow to get there. It’s OK, your goals don’t have to perfect they can change as you do. Pay attention to your inner needs and you will find meaning there.

2. Pay Attention To Your Experiences

Experiences are all around us and affect us daily. Some are exquisite; others are atrocious. Don’t shy away from experiences that make you feel, even those that make us feel bad. Instead look inside and see how an experience makes us feel. Even (especially) bad experiences can teach us to grow.

3. Decide What You Want To Do

Sounds simple but many people get stuck here. Jobs are pitted against dreams; lifestyles go unexplored due to what others think is best for us. The truth is that only you know what can make you happy. No one is saying you should give up a well-paying job for the stress of being a freelancer or business owner. However, if that’s what you want then make a plan and find ways to get there without giving up your security. It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you are happy getting there.

4. Simplify

Look at your life; are there too many things or activities that just make you busy without moving you towards a life goal? How many of those things just have to be (such as laundry), how many can you drop? The fewer things and activities we have that do nothing but keep us busy the more we can work on goals of being with people we love doing what we love.

5. Find People To Journey With You

Life is a journey, and who we allow to go with us can make our lives better. It goes back to connections; a creative person may find joy with another creative person. We all have to make the journey so let’s pick our champions carefully. You will find more happiness in two good friends than you will with 100 people who only want to do the opposite of what you need to be happy.

6. Have Courage

Life may be a journey, but it requires courage. Without courage, we become stuck in the meaninglessness. It takes courage to move forward, to be different, to be happy. Don’t be afraid, you may fall, but you’ll also get up and keep going if you know where to go and how to get there.


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