Finding The Key To Life- Living Healthier, Experiencing More With These 7 Ancient Practices

Simply because something is old, doesn’t make in invalid. In actuality, recent scientific research has proven a wide number of ancient teachings and beliefs that have their roots in ancient healing techniques that have yet to be unproven in some cultures.

Here Are Our Favorite Ancient Beliefs and Practices That You Can Hang Your Hat On

  • 7. Helping Others Really Does Help Yourself

Helping others increases your overall happiness and decreases pain- and these kinds of effects have been proven true since the time of Greek philosophers- even showing an established connection between someone’s larger purpose in life. A study published in the Academy of Sciences last year declared that while both approaches to the health aspects of happiness, it really could promote better physical health and longevity, as people who weren’t as happy were found with lower levels of antibodies who were happier.

  • 6. Acupuncture Really Does Have A Balancing Effect

The process of acupuncture as practiced by the Chinese is believed to address a wide variety of imbalances in the body dealing with your chi (the energy in your body) and whether or not you believe in the practice, a new study has proven that this age old study really is effective in relieving migraines, arthritis and other types of chronic, reoccurring pain. When research data from 18,000 subjects was reviewed, the results found that acupuncture was more effective at treating pain than some pain killers, especially migraines and chronic back pain.

  • 5. Community Support Helps Us Thrive

Buddhism suggests that community is the main component in any happy and fulfilled life. In 2010, a study was conducted that confirmed the importance of community and the healthy social effects that it brings to a person’s longevity. In over 148 studies, researchers found than over 50 percent of 300,000 participants reported that stronger relationships improved their likelihood of survival, and the risk of mortality from lack of community is greater than the effects of either exercise or obesity.

  • 4. Tai Chi Alleviates Wide Varieties of Health Conditions

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that bases belief on the idea of achieving balance of the mind to create piece and harmony that inspires a long, fruitful life. In 2009, a study was conducted by Women’s Health Watch that summarized the true benefits of this moving meditation and the benefits that it has to help prevent and treat age-related health problems and promote freedom from stress alongside movement engagement and flexibility. Studies have show that Tai Chi is helpful for those who are suffering from arthritis, lowered bone density, and even heart disease.

  • 3. Meditation Really Does Relieve Stress and Help You Discover Inner Peace

Stemming from Eastern origins, the practice of meditation is believed to still the mind and heighten awareness, improve health and well-being as a byproduct of your concentration. Science is also proving how practicing meditation could affect genes that control stress levels and immune function over the long run. Harvard psychiatrists have been using neuro-imaging and genomics to measure the potential change in each subject as accurately as possible, taking care to note the individual’s stress levels as they practiced yoga and mediation, and they noticed an increased mitochondria energy production that notably reduced stress linked to hypertension infertility, and other conditions.

  • 2. Compassion as a Key to a Meaningful Life

Practicing loving kindness might not only benefit your friendships with others, it might also boost your ability to empathize with others, simply by reading and radiating their facial expressions. A study from 2011 found that over time, the practice of being compassionate actually improved emotions, allowing them to find deeper senses of mindfulness, also establishing their purposes in life, as well as the support systems surrounding them, and connecting to their overall health and well being, improving their overall satisfaction.

  • 1. Accepting What You Can’t Change To Reduce Your Suffering

Accepting what you cannot change has not only been important in American lives, it’s also a staple in Buddhist teachings. With acceptance, you can reduce suffering by understanding that everything passes. This acceptance actually rings true, following supporting evidence from scientists, and these findings are especially powerful in the elderly.

A study from Australia suggests that those living with assistance or losing various degrees of their independence who have faced their perspective realities are more healthy than those who remain bitter- and comparatively, their health is much better than others who aren’t. Science suggests that the best situation for the elderly is to simply accept what cannot be changed; and this is a good standard to live by, even for young people.

Time honored traditions will always have their place in traditional medicine, and wisdom remains wise, no matter how old it is. The value of a good positive spirit cannot be undervalued, however. A clean mind and conscience truly are the keys to emotional and physical well being and should be dealt with calm and clairvoyant thoughts that focus inner peace.

Source: The Mind Unleashed 

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