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Fear Of The Uknown

Fear is not knowing what is going to happen next, and always assuming the worst. Being afraid of the unknown is something we have practiced our whole lives – some to a greater extent than others. Our way of life has evolved to what it is today because people along the way feared something.

Wars, modern medicine, politics, and laws exist because of our constant fear. We have to fight every war, treat every disease, and work with our politicians and laws simply because this is human nature.

Constantly bombarded with images of war and mayhem, we think the world is more dangerous now than ever before. Even when told these are isolated wars, we still lock our doors in fear.

We see this phenomena played out daily on the internet: people are scared, so they argue, criticize, antagonize, belittle and resort to other types of attacks focusing on character instead of content. The simple fact is, they cannot fathom any truth that does not match their own because they must protect themselves against the big, bad unknown.

  • What Fear Does To Us

Fear keeps us paralyzed and focused on the past while we constantly worry about the future. Fearful people are hesitant to explore new concepts in the world around them.

This fear is ripping our society to shreds. We internalize our fears and isolate ourselves from the greater world. Those with power have learned to capitalize on our fears and profit from it.

Our concept of self, and our attitude towards life, controls the destinies in our life. Until we find a way to resist the fear of the unknown we have to suffer the abuses from the powers that be. Our fear makes us party to the personal, political and cultural consequences of this fear.

  • The Cycle of Negative Attitude

Negative people suffer more fear than do positive thinkers. Negative thinking can also result in negative body readings – from heart rate to anxiety, rates increase when attitudes remain negative.

Religious people may fears atheists; atheists may fear different religions. Neither understands the other side and this unknown causes fear out of self-righteousness, ignorance and divisions of superiority.

Negative thinking brings on the negative attitude that leads to fear. Having confidence in yourself is one simple way to release the negativity.

  • Viral Fear

Since the 1980s, our world has been exposed to more violence over the airwaves than ever before in our history. We worry about everything from drugs, to the flu, to major wars caused by those nasty terrorists because we see and hear more about these world-wide problems.

There is not one single fear that defines this era; we suffer from a promiscuous form of fear. While our parents suffered collective fear, we suffer alone, keeping our fear to ourselves. Fearmongers know this and have us all convinced that we must use “these medications” and get “these vaccines” or we will die.

Everyone knows that the more sensational (and graphic) the story, the better it is for ratings. No matter where we turn to for current events, we first must see the stories that will cause the most fear.

  • Abandon the Fear and Change the World

Humans have the wonderful ability and instinct to make sounds judgements. However, first we must understand the nature of our fears, and prepare for them. We can’t plan everything, but being prepared helps reduce fear of the unknown.

You have to change the psychological programming within your subconscious mind before you will notice any changes. Everything you have ever learned – positive or negative – is stored in your brain like a computer program. Until you learn to change this programming than you will never get beyond your fear of the unknown.

Success in reprogramming your own mind will have you thinking and acting in a more positive way. Once you begin to think this way, you will find it is impossible to stop.

If everyone in the world started thinking this way then we could begin to focus on what we should do together to make this place a happy, healthy home again. Instead of fearing the unknown we could face the future with solid plans for growth; in the end, we can let our politicians and other fear-mongering marketers know that we no longer buy into their fear. We have freed ourselves from fear of the unknown.

Source: The Mind Unleashed 

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