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Fasting Your Way To Good Health

Many cultures practice fasting to purify their mind, body and spirit. Fasting also instills in us self discipline as well as control. Today scientists are discovering that fasting has many benefits that will help us live longer, happier lives.

  • Our Bodies When We Fast

Our body is an amazing machine, it can heal itself. However, it needs time to heal, and that is where fasting really helps us. When we limit ourselves to a liquid diet we allow our body to start using the stored fat as our energy source. At the beginning of any fast our bodies will work hard to get rid of any extra nutrients, diseased tissues, and other wastes and toxins that have been building inside us. This cleans the body so that it can begin healing itself.

Think about those times you were sick, you didn’t want to eat, you just wanted to sleep and get better. Without food our energy can work towards healing our bodies instead of digesting that food.

  • Protects the Immune System

Fasting helps patients who are receiving chemotherapy. Patients who do not eat for long periods have lower white blood cell counts. This lower count creates a change that triggers stem cell-based regeneration of brand-new immune system cells. In effect, fasting in cycles can generate a whole new immune system; fasting shifts the stem cells from their dormant state to a state where they can renew themselves. Amazing process, all because you do not eat solid food.

  • Helps Treat Cancer

Cancer patients who fast have fewer side effects from chemotherapy, and fasting seems to slow the growth and spread of some types of tumors. The cancer cells actually try to compensate for what nutrients are missing from your blood; they try to replace them, but fail to do so and die in the process.

  • Protects the Brain

When we fast we are denying ourselves sensory pleasures in order to heal our bodies. By fasting, or limiting food intake to 500 calories one or two days a week, we can protect our brain against degenerate diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and many other brain ailments.

  • Lowers Risks of Heart Disease and Diabetes

Fasting activates the growth hormone, which increases our metabolism and helps burn fat. When we fast, our body take the bad cholesterol (LDL) from our fat cells and uses this as energy. This helps reduce the risk of heart problems and diabetes. Fasting also helps improve sugar levels and fats within our body, while reducing inflammation and blood pressure.

  • Spiritual Benefits

Fasting clears your mind, which makes it possible to reach higher states. After a fast you will feel rejuvenated and more connected to who you are as a person, and to the world as a whole. Fasting detoxifies your body, leaving you in a complete state of healing and happiness.

  • Words of Wisdom

Before you start any fast, do some research to find out how to fast correctly. There is no need to starve yourself, just take things slowly at first. Eventually you will be able to fast with only liquids. Until then, enjoy yourself, and give your digestive system a break every now and then.


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