Exploring the Laws of Karma

How often have you heard someone refer to karma? As the Sanskrit word for action, karma is comparable to Newton’s 3rdLaw of Motion. That’s the one that states “To every action there is always opposed an equal action.” While the returning force may be suspended or altered, most people will be unable to eliminate it. Essentially, a person cannot avoid the consequences of his actions. He will have to suffer if he has made the conditions suitable for suffering. However, this law of cause and effect is not a punishment, but completely for the sake of learning.

​Unawareness of the law cannot be used as an excuse,whether the laws were made by the universe or man. To end your fear and start your empowerment in the worlds of karma and reincarnation, the following information lets you in on what you need to know regarding karmic law.

  • 1. The Great Law

•Also referred to as the “Law of Cause and Effect”.
•“As you sow, so shall you reap”. What you put into the universe is what will eventually come back to you.
•If you have a desire for friendship, happiness, love, and peace, then you have to be a true friend, happy, loving, and peaceful.

  • 2. Law of Responsibility

•When there is something wrong in my life, there is something wrong with me.
•It’s a Universal Truth: We mirror what is around us and what is around us mirrors us.
•You must accept accountability for what is in your life.

  • 3. The Law of Significance and Inspiration

•The real value of something is the absolute result of the intent and energy that is put into it.
•You will get back from something what you have put into it.
•Every personal contribution also impacts the Whole.
•Loving contributions inspire the Whole, whilebland contributions have no real effect on the Whole, nor do they attempt to reduce it.

  • 4. The Law of Change

•Until we learn what we need to know in order to change our path in life, history will continue to repeat itself.

  • 5. The Law of Patience and Reward

•Every reward requires hard work in the beginning.
•Rewards that truly last entail patience and constant work.
•True joy will come from doing what we are supposed to do, while waiting for the reward to come in its own time.

  • 6. The Law of Humility

•As long as you refuse to accept something, it will continue.
•If what you view is an enemy, or a person with a negative character trait, then we are not focused on a greater level ofexistence.

  • 7. The Law of Creation

•Be yourself and encase yourself with what you desire to have present in your life.
•Life doesn’t simply happen, it necessitates active participation.
•We are one with the universe, both inside and out. Whatever is around us provides hints to our inner state.

  • 8. The Law of Focus

•You cannot think of two things simultaneously.
•When your attention is on Spiritual Values, you are unable to have lower thoughts, such as rage or greed.

  • 9. The Law of Here and Now

•If you are looking back to see what was, you cannot totally be in the HERE AND NOW.
•Old behaviors, old dreams, and old thoughts simply stop us from developing new ones.

  • 10. The Law of Giving and Hospitality

•If you believe something is true, then at some point in your life you will be asked to prove that particular truth.
•This requires that you put what you have claimed to learn into actual practice.

  • 11. The Law of Connection

•Even if something doesn’t seem important, it is crucial that it get done because everything in the universe is connected.
•Each step leads directly to the next, and so on.
•Neither the first or last step are of great importance because they are both necessary in order to complete the task.
•Someone has to do the first step in order for a job to get done.
•Your past, present, and future are all connected.

  • 12. The Law of Growth

•“Wherever you go, there you are.”
•In order to grow in spirit, we must change- not the people, things, or places that surround us.
•The ONE given we have in life is ourselves. As a result, it is the only thing we have control over.
•When we alter who and what we are within our heart, our life will follow along and make changes too.

Abra Gordon
Source: Earthweareone

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